Vector, November 1967

Editor(s): Tony Sudbery   
Pages: 32, quarto
Price: ?p
Notes: #47

  My Father's House - Damon Knight   
  Secretary's Report on Company Formation - Doreen Parker   
  Notes from the Interface - Bob Parkinson   

  For Your Information - Mike Ashley   
  The Harrison Letter - Harry Harrison   
  The Visual Side - Vic Hallett   

Undef 'S'
  Bioengineering - Roje Gilbert   

   - Joe Bowman   
   - Archie Mercer   
   - Doreen Parker   
   - Peter Mason   
   - Phyllis Eisenstein   
   - E. J. Eldridge   
   - Gregory Pickersgill   
   - Chas Legg   
   - Audrey Walton   

Book Reviews by Bob Parkinson
  Giles Goat-Boy - John Barth   
  The Crying of Lot 49 - Thomas Pynchon   
  At Swim-Two-Birds - Flann O'Brien   

Book Reviews by Richard Poole
  An Age - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Babel-17 - Samuel R. Delany   

Book Reviews by Phil Muldowney
  The Moon is a Harsh Mistress - Robert A. Heinlein   

Book Reviews by Bryn Fortey
  The Runaway Robot - Lester del Rey   

Book Reviews by D. G. Bishop
  Spaceship to Saturn - Hugh Walters   

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