Vector, Spring 1970

Editor(s): Michael Kenward   
Pages: 24, 6.5in x 9.5in
Price: ?p
Notes: #55

  Stranger Influence - Michael Kenward   

  Linguistic Relativity in Middle High Martian - Willis McNelly   
  A Head Bared (Aldiss's "Barefoot in the Head") - John Brunner   

  Spooky - Steve Carrigan   

   - Anthony Cheetham   

Book Reviews by Michael Kenward
  The Black Corridor - Michael Moorcock   
  The Andromeda Strain - Michael Crichton   
  The Square Root of Tomorrow - Edmund Cooper   
  The Philosopher's Stone - Colin Wilson   
  The Squares of the City - John Brunner   
  Bill, the Galactic Hero - Harry Harrison   
  Galactic Pot-Healer - Philip K. Dick   
  Holding Your Eight Hands (Edited) - Edward Lucie-Smith   
  The Men in the Jungle - Norman Spinrad   

Book Reviews by Hartley Patterson
  Escape into Space - E. C. Tubb   

Book Reviews by Rob Holdstock
  Reflections in a Mirage - Leonard Daventry   
  The Ring - Piers Anthony  Robert Margroff   

Book Reviews by Roy Mortimore
  The Demon Breed - James H. Schmitz   

Book Reviews by James Goddard
  The Janus Syndrome - Douglas R. Mason   

Book Reviews by Mike Freeman
  Quicksand - John Brunner   

Book Reviews by Jack Marsh
  The Alien - L. P. Davies   

Book Reviews by Robert Wells
  Cradle of the Sun - Brian Stableford   

Book Reviews by Orib Moore
  A World of Diference - Robert Conquest   

Book Reviews by Bryn Fortey
  Flesh - Philip Jose Farmer   

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