Vector, Summer 1970

Editor(s): Bob Parkinson   
Pages: 20, 6.7in x 9.6in
Price: ?p
Notes: #56

  Vectored - Bob Parkinson   

  Bradbury Revisited - Willis McNelly   
  High Fantasy - and Lots of It (Cabell) - James Blish   
  More SF Economics - John Brunner   
  Behind the Zines - Archie Mercer   

Book Reviews by Bob Parkinson
  Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut   
  Satan's Slaves - James Taylor   
  Informed Sources - Willard S. Bain   
  Thorns - Robert Silverberg   

Book Reviews by Roy Mortimore
  Outcrop - Colin Cooper   

Book Reviews by Brian A. Rolls
  The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin   

Book Reviews by Richard Barycz
  Outlaw of Gor - John Norman   

Book Reviews by Kevin O'Malley
  The Einstein Intersection - Samuel R. Delany   

Book Reviews by Michael Kenward
  Junk Day - Arthur Sellings   
  I Sing the Body Electric - Ray Bradbury   

Book Reviews by John Brunner
  Vortex: New Soviet Science Fiction (Edited) - C. G. Bearne   

Book Reviews by Tony Sudbery
  Labyrinths - Jorge Luis Borges   

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