Vector, November/December 1972

Editor(s): Malcolm Edwards   
Pages: 40, A5
Price: 30p
Cover: Andrew Stephenson
Notes: #62

  Lead-In - Malcolm Edwards   

  Science Fiction and Pseudo-Science - John Sladek   
  The Wearing Out of Genre Materials - Joanna Russ   

  SF and the Cinema (Silent Running; Slaughterhouse-Five) - Philip Strick   
  News Department - Archie Mercer   

   - Dave Rowe   

  criticism - Dan Morgan   
  Bulmer/Wollheim - Peter Linnett   
  BSFA Fanzine Foundation - Charles D. Winstone   
  Blish - Christopher Evans   
  Rottensteiner - James Blish   
  Blish/comics - Roger Pile   
  Bulmer/Morgan/Charnock - Tony Sudbery   
  reviews - Vic Hallett   

Book Reviews by Cy Chauvin
  Five Fates (Edited) - Keith Laumer   

Book Reviews by Vic Hallett
  Night of the Robots - Brian Ball   
  Clone - Richard Cowper   

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