Vector, January/February 1973

Editor(s): Malcolm Edwards   
Pages: 40, A5
Price: 30p
Notes: #63, Special Brian Aldiss issue

  Lead-In - Malcolm Edwards   

  To Barsoom and Beyond: E.R.B. and the Weirdies - Brian W. Aldiss   
  From the Easy Chair (Brian Aldiss) - Harry Harrison   
  A Transatlantic View (of Brian Aldiss) - James Blish   
  Author's Choice: Keeping Ahead of Barefoot in the Head - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Reporting on Possibilities (Report on Probability A) - Philip Strick   
  Frontiers of Literature - uncredited   

  BSFA News - Archie Mercer   

   - Dave Rowe   
   - Andrew Stephenson   
   - Jon Harvey   

Book Reviews by Philip Strick
  Report on Probability A - Brian W. Aldiss   

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