Vector, January/February 1979

Editor(s): David Wingrove   
Pages: 16+18, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #91, Bob Shaw Issue

  The Android's Dreams - David Wingrove   

  Heartache, Hardware, Sex and the System: the science fiction of Bob Shaw - James Corley   

   - Bob Shaw    by James Corley+David Wingrove

   - Ritchie Litwuczuk   
   - Dave Harwood   

   - Greg Hills   
   - Graham Ashley   
   - Paul Kincaid   
   - Tom Jones   
   - Dave Bishop   
   - Douglas Barbour   

Comic Strip
  Half-Life - Jim Barker  Chris Evans   

Book Reviews by Richard Cowper
  1985 - Anthony Burgess   

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
  The International SF Yearbook (Edited) - Colin Lester   
  Cheyney's Robot - W. T. Webb   
  The Pleasure Domes of Sigma 93 - Philip Welby   
  Wind From the Abyss - Janet E. Morris   
  The Psychopath Plague - Steven G. Spruill   

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  The International SF Yearbook (Edited) - Colin Lester   
  The Fenris Device - Brian Stableford   
  Swan Song - Brian Stableford   

Book Reviews by Andrew Darlington
  Fugitive From Time - Philip E. High   

Book Reviews by James Corley
  A Legend in His Own Deathtime - Garet Chalmers   
  Vertigo - Bob Shaw   

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
  The Measured Caverns - James England   
  The Omega Project - Brian Griffin   
  The Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction (Edited) - Robert Holdstock   

Book Reviews by Grahame Barrasford Young
  The Anarchistic Colossus - A. E. van Vogt   

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