Vector, February 1984

Editor(s): Geoff Rippington   
Pages: 46, A5
Price: 75p
Notes: #118

   - Geoff Rippington   

  A Two-foot Square of Gene Wolfe - Gene Wolfe    by Judith Hanna+Joseph Nicholas

  Why They're All Crying Wolfe! - Mike Dickinson   
  Our Young Gamer - Gene Wolfe   
  The Art of Good Movie Watching - Martyn Taylor   

   - R. I. Barycz   
   - Mark J. Perry   
   - David V. Barrett   
   - Arthur C. Clarke   
   - Andy Andruschak   
   - Chas Pembleton   
   - Dorothy Davies   
   - J. E. Rudd   
   - Nik Morton   
   - Andy Sawyer   
   - Nigel Richardson   
   - Jeremy Crampton   
   - Roger Waddington   
   - Malcolm Edwards   
   - David V. Barrett   
   - David Swinden   
   - Christopher Priest   
   - Colin Greenland   

Book Reviews by Ann Collier
  His Master's Voice - Stanislaw Lem   

Book Reviews by John Clute
  Not By Bread Alone - Naomi Mitchison   

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
  Tik-Tok - John Sladek   

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
  The Lazarus Effect - Frank Herbert  Bill Ransom   

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