Vector, December/January 1986

Editor(s): David V. Barrett  Paul Kincaid  Hussain R. Mohamed   
Pages: 18, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #135

   - David V. Barrett   

  On the Edge of Forever: The Television SF of Harlan Ellison - Phil Nichols   

  A Young Man's Journey from Viriconium - M. John Harrison    by Paul Kincaid

   - Christopher Priest   
   - Malcolm Edwards   
   - Simon Nicholson   
   - Andy Sawyer   
   - Mark Ogier   
   - Tony Morris   
   - Jim Goddard   
   - Brian W. Aldiss   
   - Iain U. Anderson   
   - Jack D. Stephen   

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
  The Penguin World Omnibus of Science Fiction (Edited) - Brian W. Aldiss  Sam J. Lundwall   
  Olympian Nights - John Kendrick Bangs   

Book Reviews by Terry Broome
  Pebble in the Sky - Isaac Asimov   
  The Stars Like Dust - Isaac Asimov   
  The Currents of Space - Isaac Asimov   

Book Reviews by Paul Brazier
  Terra! - Stefano Benni   

Book Reviews by Barbara Davies
  Magic Kingdom For Sale: Sold - Terry Brooks   
  I, Vampire - Jody Scott   

Book Reviews by Mark Greener
  A Noose of Light - Seamus Cullen   
  Bagdad - Ian Dennis   
  Winter in Eden - Harry Harrison   

Book Reviews by Jim England
  The Celestial Steam Locomotive - Michael Coney   
  The Sultan's Turret - Seamus Cullen   
  Jerusalem Fire - R. M. Meluch   

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
  The Doings of Raffles Haw - Arthur Conan Doyle   

Book Reviews by Chris Barker
  The Mirror of Her Dreams - Stephen R. Donaldson   

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  Faith in Fakes - Umberto Eco   
  Letters from Hollywood - Michael Moorcock   
  Witch-Water Country - Garry Kilworth   
  Tree Messiah - Garry Kilworth   

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
  A Darkness at Sethanon - Raymond E. Feist   
  The Road and the Hills - Spedding   

Book Reviews by Mike Dickinson
  Burning Chrome - William Gibson   

Book Reviews by Tom Jones
  Eye - Frank Herbert   

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  Always Coming Home - Ursula K. Le Guin   

Book Reviews by Maureen Porter
  Always Coming Home - Ursula K. Le Guin   
  The Unconquered Country - Geoff Ryman   

Book Reviews by Edward James
  One Human Minute - Stanislaw Lem   

Book Reviews by Rosemary Pardoe
  The Stove Haunting - Bel Mooney   

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
  Black Star Rising - Frederik Pohl   

Book Reviews by Mike Moir
  The Lordly Ones - Keith Roberts   
  The Wild Shore - Kim Stanley Robinson   

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  The Two of Them - Joanna Russ   

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  Shaping of Middle Earth,The (Edited by Christopher Tolkien) - J. R. R. Tolkien   
  A Vocation - David Wheldon   

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
  Queenmagic, Kingmagic - Ian Watson   

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