Vector, June/July 1987

Editor(s): David V. Barrett  Paul Kincaid  Simon Nicholson   
Pages: 26, A4
Price: 95p
Notes: #138, Roles: Editor, Reviews, Production

   - David V. Barrett   

  Forgotten Fruit: The Science in SF - David Knott   
  12 Best SF Novels (Gollancz Classic SF Series) - Ken Lake   

  The View from the Mountain Road - Bruce Sterling    by Paul Kincaid

   - Edward James   
   - Jo Raine   
   - Cy Chauvin   
   - Garry Kilworth   
   - Tom Jones   
   - Ken Lake   
   - Kev McVeigh   
   - Terry Broome   

Book Reviews by David V. Barrett
  Burning Chrome - William Gibson   
  Evil Water - Ian Watson   
  The Lordly Ones - Keith Roberts   
  Robot Dreams - Isaac Asimov   
  This is the Way the World Ends - James Morrow   
  The Coming of the Quantum Cats - Frederik Pohl   

Book Reviews by Tom A. Jones
  Tourmalin's Time Cheques - F. Anstey   
  Planetoid 127 - Edgar Wallace   

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
  Robot Dreams - Isaac Asimov   

Book Reviews by Darroll Pardoe
  The Roving Mind - Isaac Asimov   
  A new Science of Life - Rupert Sheldrake   

Book Reviews by Maureen Porter
  Staring at the Sun - Julian Barnes   
  Islands Out of Time - William Irwin   

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
  Artifact - Gregory Benford   
  In Alien Flesh - Gregory Benford   

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  A Clockwork Orange: A Play with Music - Anthony Burgess   
  The Windeater/te Kaihau - Keri Hulme   

Book Reviews by Jim England
  A Fall of Moondust - Arthur C. Clarke   
  The Man in the High Castle - Philip K. Dick   
  A Wreath of Stars - Bob Shaw   
  Last and First Men - Olaf Stapledon   

Book Reviews by Mike Christie
  Fictions of Nuclear Disaster - David Dowling   

Book Reviews by Chris Barker
  The Second Great Dune Trilogy - Frank herbert   

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
  The Invaders Plan - L. Ron Hubbard   
  Black Genesis - L. Ron Hubbard   
  The Coming of the Quantum Cats - Frederik Pohl   

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
  A Warning to the Curious: The Ghost Stories of M. R. Janes - M. R. James   
  This is the Way the World Ends - James Morrow   

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  Science Fiction Master Index of Names - Kenneth L. Justice   

Book Reviews by Mike Moir
  The Journal of Nicholas the American - Leigh Kennedy   

Book Reviews by Mark Valentine
  Supernatural Tales - Vernon Lee   

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
  Time Out of Mind - John R. Maxim   

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
  Imaginary Lands (Edited) - Robin McKinley   

Book Reviews by Paul J. McAuley
  The Dragon Lord - Peter Morwood   

Book Reviews by Valerie Housden
  The Forge in the Forest - Michael Scott Rohan   

Book Reviews by Barbara Davies
  The Black Ship - Christopher Rowley   

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  Evil Water - Ian Watson   

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