Vector, August/September 1991

Editor(s): Catie Cary  Kev McVeigh  Chris Amies   
Pages: 24, A4
Price: 125p
Notes: #162, Roles: Editor, Editor, Reviews

   - Catie Cary   

  Miha Remec: The Early SF of a Slovene Writer - Ziga Leskovsek   
  Looking Behind the Sun: Religious Implications of Gene Wolfe's "The Book of the New Sun" - Steve Palmer   

  Out in July ... - Keith Brooke    by Stephen Baxter

  The Family Business: Brian Herbert's Writings Reviewed - Andy Sawyer   

   - Kevin A. Cullen   

   - Maureen Speller   
   - Pete Darby   
   - Ken Lake   
   - Nick Wood   

Book Reviews by Lynne Fox
  More Tales from the Forbidden Planet (Edited) - Roz Kaveney   

Book Reviews by Barbara Davies
  The Great Hunt - Robert Jordan   
  The Other Sinbad - Craig Shaw Gardner   
  The Crystal Palace - Phyllis Eisenstein   
  The Edge of Vengeance - Jenny Jones   

Book Reviews by Maureen Speller
  Phaze Doubt - Piers Anthony   

Book Reviews by Dave Mitchell
  Thomas the Rhymer - Ellen Kushner   

Book Reviews by Jim England
  The Worthing Saga - Orson Scott Card   
  Maps in a Mirror - Orson Scott Card   
  Summer of Night - Dan Simmons   
  Fiends - John Farris   

Book Reviews by Michael J. Pont
  Divergence - Charles Sheffield   

Book Reviews by Catie Cary
  Stalin's Teardrops - Ian Watson   

Book Reviews by Valerie Housden
  Shadow Realm - Marc Alexander   

Book Reviews by Darroll Pardoe
  The UFO Encyclopaedia - John Spencer   

Book Reviews by Kev McVeigh
  The King of the Hill - Paul J. McAuley   

Book Reviews by Alex Stewart
  Scare Care (Edited) - Graham Masterton   
  Othersyde - J. Michael Straczynski   
  Strangers - Dean R. Koontz   

Book Reviews by Martin Brice
  Elven Star - Margaret Weis  Tracy Hickman   

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
  Pegasus in Flight - Anne McCaffrey   

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton   

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
  Eight Skilled Gentlemen - Barry Hughart   

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  The Renegades of Pern - Anne McCaffrey   

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
  The Magic Spectacles - James P. Blaylock   
  The Revenge of the Rose - Michael Moorcock   

Book Reviews by Martin Webb
  The Voice of the Night - Dean R. Koontz   

Book Reviews by Charles Stross
  Hyperion - Dan Simmons   
  The Fall of Hyperion - Dan Simmons   

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  Eternal Light - Paul J. McAuley   

Book Reviews by John Gribbin
  Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett   

Book Reviews by Michael Fearn
  Orion in the Dying Time - Ben Bova   

Book Reviews by David V. Barrett
  Drenai Tales - David Gemmell   

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
  Moondance - S. P. Somtow   

Book Reviews by Terry Broome
  The Asimov Chronicles - Isaac Asimov   

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  The Face of the Waters - Robert Silverberg   

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
  Chernevog - C. J. Cherryh   
  The Ruby Knight - David Eddings   

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  Against/Beyond the Fall of Night - Arthur C. Clarke  Gregory Benford   

Book Reviews by Martin Brice
  Dreamside - Graham Joyce   
  The Lords of the Stoney Mountains - Anthony Swithin   

Book Reviews by Tom A. Jones
  Young Bleys - Gordon R. Dickson   

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