Vector, April/May 1993

Editor(s): Catie Cary  Kev McVeigh  Stephen Payne  Maureen Speller   
Pages: 40, A4
Price: £2.25
Notes: #172, Roles: Editor, Contributing, Paperback Reviews, Magazine Reviews

  Nuts & Bolts - Catie Cary   

  Policing Virtual Reality - Ian Sales   
  1992 The Reviewer's Poll - Catie Cary   
  Only A Girl: Heroines in the Work of Anne McCaffrey and Marion Zimmer Bradley - Carol Ann Green   

  Barbed Wire Kisses - Maureen Speller   

  Scaling the Walls (SF Studies 11/92, Extrapolation Win 1992, NYRSF 12/92 & 1/93, Million Nov 92 & Jan 93, The Hardcore #8) - Paul Kincaid   
  In Poetry, no less than in Life (Star*Line, Riverside Quarterly 8/92, Xizquil 12/92, Barddoni #7, Xenophilia 1 & 2, Works #7 & 8, Fantasy Commentator Fall 91, Asimov's SF Mid-Dec 92 & 1/93, Magazine of Speculative Poetry Sum-Win 92) - K. V. Bailey   
  Start of the Breakdown (Analog Feb 93, Asimov's Feb 93, F&SF Feb 93) - Philip Muldowney   
  Daylight Chasing the dark (Auguries #16, Fiction Furnace #1, Works #8, Nova SF #4) - Lynne Fox   

   - Brian Stableford    by Catie Cary

  Correction to #171 - Norman Beswick   
  Beswick/Clarke/Stapledon/theology - John Howard   
  Bland/"Was..." review/AIDS - Martyn Taylor   
  Rees review of Warrington/Bentley/Woods/Taylor/Speller/Barker/Hutson - John Madracki   
  review of Warrington/ - Gareth Rees   
  reviews of "Chung Kuo"/Oudot - Joseph Nicholas   
  "Chung Kuo"/Oudot/Griffin/Baldry - Kevin Smith   
  reviews index/Beswick/devil - Syd Foster   
  Warrington/reviews/Bujold/Lake - Philip Muldowney   

Book Reviews by Chris Amies
  The Turing Option - Harry Harrison  Marvin Minsky   

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
  Borders of Infinity - Lois McMaster Bujold   

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  Greetings from Earth - Scott Bradfield   
  Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card   
  Speaker for the Dead - Orson Scott Card   
  Xenocide - Orson Scott Card   

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
  The Complete Stories, Volume One - Isaac Asimov   
  The Broken Goddess - Hans Bemman   

Book Reviews by Norman Beswick
  The Memory of Earth - Orson Scott Card   
  The Call of Earth - Orson Scott Card   
  The Einstein Intersection - Samuel R. Delany   

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
  Dolores Claiborne - Stephen King   
  Burial - Graham Masterton   
  Sharper Knives - Christopher Fowler   

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
  Heart Readers - Kristine Kathryn Rusch   
  East of Ealing - Robert Rankin   
  Child of An Ancient City - Tad Williams  Nina Kiriki Hoffman   

Book Reviews by Martin Brice
  Personal Darkness - Tanith Lee   

Book Reviews by Catie Cary
  Crybbe - Phil Rickman   

Book Reviews by Mat Coward
  The Losers - David Eddings   
  Down and Out in the Year 2000 - Kim Stanley Robinson   

Book Reviews by Barbara Davies
  The Last of the Renshai - Mickey Zucker Reichert   

Book Reviews by Lynne Fox
  The Profession of Science Fiction (Edited) - Maxim Jakubowski  Edward James   

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
  The Hawk's Grey Feather - Patricia Kennealy   

Book Reviews by Keith Freeman
  Forward the Foundation - Isaac Asimov   

Book Reviews by Carol Ann Green
  Nomansland - D. G. Compton   

Book Reviews by Judith Hanna
  Snow White Blood Red (Edited) - Ellen Datlow  Terri Windling   

Book Reviews by Chris Hart
  Von Bek - Michael Moorcock   
  The Eternal Champion - Michael Moorcock   
  Hawkmoon - Michael Moorcock   
  Corum - Michael Moorcock   

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  Rude Astronauts - Allen Steele   

Book Reviews by Bill Johnson
  Dream Park: The Voodoo Game - Larry Niven  Steven Barnes   

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  William Gibson - Lance Olsen   
  Elvissey - Jack Womack   
  Mars - Ben Bova   

Book Reviews by Simon Lake
  Reflection - Michael Scott   
  Dark Toys and Consumer Goods - Laurence Staig   

Book Reviews by Jan Malique
  Dangerous Journeys: The Anubis Murders - Gary Gygax   

Book Reviews by Sally-Ann Melia
  Sign for the Sacred - Storm Constantine   
  After the King: Stories in Honour of JRR Tolkien (Edited) - Martin H. Greenberg   
  Dragonflight (Adapted by Brynne Stephens, Lela Dowling, Cynthia Martin, Fred Von Tobel) - Anne McCaffrey   

Book Reviews by Andy Mills
  The Ghost from the Grand Banks - Arthur C. Clarke   
  Little Boy Lost - T. M. Wright   
  The Sundered Worlds - Michael Moorcock   

Book Reviews by John D. Owen
  Songs of Earth and Power - Greg Bear   

Book Reviews by Stephen Payne
  Predator: Big Game - John Arcudi  Evan Dorkin  Armando Gil   

Book Reviews by Marcus L. Rowland
  The Destiny Makers - George Turner   

Book Reviews by Ian Sales
  Kaeti on Tour - Keith Roberts   
  The Survivalist: The Legend - Jerry Ahern   

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
  The Dragon Reborn - Robert Jordan   
  Yattering and Jack,The (Adapted by Steve Niles, Fred Burke, John Bolton, Hector Gomez) - Clive Barker   

Book Reviews by Andrew Seaman
  Shadowrun 5: Changeling - Chris Kubasik   

Book Reviews by Alison Sinclair
  Young Blood - Brian Stableford   

Book Reviews by Maureen Speller
  Ammonite - Nicola Griffith   
  Star Trek: Debt of Honour - Chris Claremont  Adam Hughs  Karl Story   
  Mosaic of Air - Cherry Potts   

Book Reviews by Brendan Wignall
  Nightshade - Laurell K. Hamilton   

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