Vector, Summer 1995

Editor(s): Catie Cary  Paul Kincaid  Stephen Payne  Maureen Kincaid Speller   
Pages: 36, A4
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Notes: #184, Roles: Editor, Hardback Reviews, Paperback Reviews, Magazine Reviews

  Nuts & Bolts - Catie Cary   

   - Mary Gentle   
   - Chris Bell   
   - Norman Beswick   

  This Immortal: Roger Zelazny (1937-1995) - Tanya Brown   
  Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Ben Jeapes   
  Can SF Be PC? - "Verity di Staff"  "Ernest Newman"   

Film Reviews
  Apollo 13 - Stephen Baxter   

Book Reviews by Chris Amies
  Tripoint - C. J. Cherryh   
  The Star Fraction - Ken MacLeod   
  The Iron Dragon's Daughter - Michael Swanwick   

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
  Jackals - Charles L. Grant   
  The Nano Flower - Peter F. Hamilton   

Book Reviews by Julie Atkin
  The Terminal Experiment - Robert J. Sawyer   

Book Reviews by Susan Badham
  Everville - Clive Barker   
  The Late Show - John Douglas   
  Krap the Conqueror - Richard Parsons  Tony Keaveny   
  The Shield Between the Worlds - Diana L. Paxson  Adrienne Martine-Barnes   

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  Grails: Quests of the Dawn (Edited) - Richard Gilliam  Martin H. Greenberg  Edward E. Kramer   
  Astonishing the Gods - Ben Okri   

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
  Shadow of a Dark Queen - Raymond E. Feist   
  Odds and Gods - Tom Holt   
  The Belly of the Wolf - R. A. MacAvoy   
  The Company of Camelot: Arthurian Characters in Romance and Fantasy - Charlotte Spivak  Roberta Lynne Staples   

Book Reviews by David V. Barrett
  Rhinegold - Stephen Grundy   

Book Reviews by Norman Beswick
  Panic - Chris Curry   
  Marks of Our Brothers - Jane Lindskold   
  Night School - Bentley Little   
  Diamond Mask: The Galactic Milieu Trilogy Book Two - Julian May   
  The Cold One - Christopher Pike   

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
  Hotwire - Simon Ings   
  Freeze Frames - Katharine Kerr   

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
  Power Play - Anne McCaffrey  Elizabeth Ann Scarborough   
  The City Who Fought - Anne McCaffrey  S. M. Stirling   
  Hot Sky at Midnight - Robert Silverberg   

Book Reviews by Martin H. Brice
  Widow - Billie Sue Mossiman   

Book Reviews by Tanya Brown
  The Night Inside - Nancy Baker   
  Paint It Black - Nancy A. Collins   
  Fate - Mary Corran   

Book Reviews by Andrew M. Butler
  Philip K. Dick: Contemporary Critical Interpretations (Edited) - Samuel J. Umland   

Book Reviews by Mat Coward
  Ripper - Michael Slade   

Book Reviews by Benedict S. Cullum
  Cold Allies - Patricia Anthony   
  The Last Human - Tom de Haven   

Book Reviews by Barbara Davies
  Serpent's Blood - Brian Stableford   

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
  The Palace of Souls - Robin Bailey   
  The Greatest Show Off Earth - Robert Rankin   

Book Reviews by Carol Ann Green
  Parable of the Sower - Octavia E. Butler   
  Utopian and Science Fiction by Women (Edited) - Jane L. Donawerth  Carol A. Kolmerten   
  Larque on the Wing - Nancy Springer   

Book Reviews by Chris Hart
  Nailed By the Heart - Simon Clark   
  Pawn's Dream - Eric S. Nylund   

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  Moths to a Flame - Sarah Ash   
  Feersum Endjinn - Iain M. Banks   

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
  White Shark - Peter Benchley   
  Genesis - W. A. Harbinson   
  Nightrider - Sheila Holligon   
  The Mountains of Majipoor - Robert Silverberg   

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  The Time Ships - Stephen Baxter   
  Vivia - Tanith Lee   

Book Reviews by Vikki Lee
  Children of the Jedi - Barbara Hambly   
  One King's Way - Harry Harrison  John Holm   
  The Hands of Lyr - Andre Norton   
  Elvenblood - Andre Norton  Mercedes Lackey   

Book Reviews by Pat McMurray
  Babylon 5: Accusations - Lois Tilton   
  Warriors of Blood and Dream (Edited) - Roger Zelazny   

Book Reviews by Andy Mills
  Ronan the Barbarian - James Bibby   
  I, Arnold - Phil Janes   
  Montezuma's Pearl - David Lee Jones   
  Ray Bradbury's Dinosaur Series Book 5: Dinosaur Empire - Stephen Leigh  John J. Miller   

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042: A Four-Part Invention - Ben Bova  Frederik Pohl  Jerry Pournelle  Charles Sheffield   

Book Reviews by John D. Owen
  Requiem - Graham Joyce   
  The Deus Machine - Pierre Ouellette   

Book Reviews by Steve Palmer
  White Shark - Peter Benchley   

Book Reviews by Stephen Payne
  Axiomatic - Greg Egan   

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
  The Quintaglio Ascension 2: Fossil Hunter - Robert Sawyer   

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
  The Vonnegut Encyclopaedia - Marc Leeds   
  The Critical Response to Kurt Vonnegut (Edited) - Leonard Mustazza   

Book Reviews by Jim Steel
  This Side of Judgement - J. R. Dunn   

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
  The Cold One - Christopher Pike   
  These Fallen Angels - Wendy Haley   

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  Mariel of Redwall - Brian Jacques   

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
  Soul Music - Terry Pratchett   
  The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived - Robert Rankin   

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