Vector, July/August 1998

Editor(s): Tony Cullen  Andrew M. Butler  Gary S. Dalkin  Paul Kincaid   
Pages: 32, A4
Price: £2.25
Notes: #200, Roles: Production & General, Features & Letters, Features & Letters, Reviews

   - Gary S. Dalkin   

  An A to Z of British Science Fiction, 1958-1998 - Andrew M. Butler   
  Vector Editors 1958-19985 - Andrew M. Butler   
  Regrettably... - Ken F. Slater   
  A Memoir of Paperback Inferno - Joseph Nicholas   
  Vector 69-82 - Chris Fowler   
  on his Vector experiences - David V. Barrett   
  Chung Kuo: An Overview - K. V. Bailey   
  Exotic Luna: Alien Moons in Science Fiction - Stephen Baxter   
  Science Fiction In The Seventies - Brian Stableford   
  Watered-Down Worlds: 'Wookie Books': the case for the prosecution - Andrew M. Butler  Gary S. Dalkin   
  Dances with Wookies: the case for the defence - Daniel O'Mahony   

  First Contact - Mary Doria Russell    by Andrew M. Butler
  Getting Carried Away - Paul J. McAuley    Maureen Kincaid Speller
  Bugging Norman Spinrad - Norman Spinrad    Maureen Kincaid Speller

Book Reviews by Andrew Adams
  The Harlequin's Dance - Tom Arden   
  The Red Wyvern - Katharine Kerr   

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  People of the Mist - H. Rider Haggard   
  Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other Stories - Edgar Allan Poe   
  Laying Siege to Tomorrow - Steve Sneyd   
  Lair of the White Worm - Bram Stoker   
  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas - Jules Verne   

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
  Exile's Return - Kate Jacoby   

Book Reviews by Janet Barron
  Helm - Steven Gould   

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
  Contraband - George Foy   

Book Reviews by Mat Coward
  The Official Guide to the Xenaverse - Robert Weisbrot   

Book Reviews by Gary S. Dalkin
  The White Abacus - Damien Broderick   

Book Reviews by Stephen Deas
  Final Orbit - S. V. Date   

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
  Shards of a Broken Crown - Raymond E. Feist   
  Rage of a Demon King - Raymond E. Feist   

Book Reviews by Leslie Hatch
  The Paladin - Adam Nichols   
  The Sword of Bedwyr - R. A. Salvatore   
  The Royal Four - Amy Stout   
  The Arm of the Stone - Victoria Strauss   

Book Reviews by Chris Hill
  The Last Continent - Terry Pratchett   

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  The Unexplained (Edited) - Ric Alexander   

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
  Where the Children Cry - Jenny Jones   

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  Short Trips (Edited) - Stephen Cole   
  Longest Day - Michael Collier   
  The Hollow Men - Martin Day  Keith Topping   
  Catastrophea - Terrance Dicks   
  Dreamstone Moon - Paul Leonard   
  The Witch Hunters - Steve Lyons   
  Eye of Heaven - Jim Mortimore   
  Legacy of the Daleks - John Peel   
  Option Loch - Justin Richards   

Book Reviews by Andy Mills
  The Web: Sorceress - Maggie Furey   
  The Web: Lightstorm - Peter F. Hamilton   

Book Reviews by Daniel O'Mahony
  Commitment Hour - James Alan Gardner   
  Halfway Human - Carolyn Ives Gilman   
  Dark Water's Embrace - Stephen Leigh   
  Prisoner of Conscience - Susan R. Matthews   

Book Reviews by John R. Oram
  Ronan's Revenge - James Bibby   
  Wizard's Brew - Chris Fox   
  Wish You Were Here - Tom Holt   
  The Sum of All Men - David Farland   

Book Reviews by Steve Palmer
  Freeware - Rudy Rucker   

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
  Dust - Charles Pellegrino   

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  The Lost Child - Sarah Ash   

Book Reviews by Kathy Taylor
  Present Tense - Dave Duncan   
  The Magician's Ward - Patricia C. Wrede   

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
  The Dark Shore - Adam Lee   
  The Shadow Eater - Adam Lee   

Book Reviews by Gary Wilkinson
  The Angry Angel - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro   

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