The Ghosts / Heart of Gold Band

The Ghosts:
The Ghosts Playing in the Heart of Gold Band
Keystone, Berkeley, CA, May or July 8, 1980

Heart of Gold Band:
Heart of Gold Band (1986)
Double Dose
Heart of Gold Band (1998)

The Ghosts Playing in the Heart of Gold Band

CD front

Keystone, Berkeley, CA, May or July 8, 1980

Set 1
2.It Takes Alot To Laugh
3.Easy Living
5.I'll Do It All Again
Set 2
7.Lonesome and Long Way From Home
8.I Wish I Could Say
9.Sweet Inspration
10.Scarlet Begonias
11.Short Time Fever
12.Stir It Up
13.Like A Thief In The Night
14.All I Know Is I've Got To Go

Master recording and transfer by John Levene
Source: AUD (master) TDK SA-C90
Transfer: Yamaha K-1020 > Sony SBM-1 > Nomad JB3 > Creative Play Center > Soundforge v6e > CDWav
Creative Play Center software used to copy to laptop.
Soundforge used to prep file for tracking.
CDWave used to track and flac at level 8 compression.
Some song titles maybe incorrect
tape flip was after S2T2 (44:27.508)
Tapers Memories: (a little hazy :-) While in college in California a few friends and I used to traveled to various music venues. This day found us in Berkeley. We showed up mid-day, and eventually went to the Keystone to check out the scene. The doors were open so in we went; started drinking beers and playing pool. A little while later John Cippolina asked to join us at the pool table. We chatted, drank and shot pool. Eventually I asked if it was okay to record. He introduced me to the soundman, who recommended I not patch as the mix was way off balance and certain instruments and vocals might come out too weak or too strong. Instead he let me set up my friends boom box with built in mics on the front edge of the soundboard. I recall the soundboard was in the front of the balcony, but I might be wrong. On the master tape's cover, I have a cut out from the SF Chronical's Pink Section that notes: THE GHOST with Keith and Donna Godchaux. Plus: The Edge w/ Ozzie Ahlers, Lorin Rowam, Mark Stein. The cost of the show was $3.50. I also have a ticket stubb for a performance on 27-APR-1980 at the Old Waldorf in SF. Cost of that show was $5.00 = enjoy =

John Cipollinaguitar
Keith Godchauxpiano, vocals
Donna Godchauxvocals
maybe another guitarist

Heart of Gold Band (1986)

CD front

Double Dose

CD front

1.Stir it Up 6:50(B. Marley)
2.Watching the River Flow5:36(B. Dylan)
3.It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry6:09(B. Dylan)
4.Strange Man 4:14(D. Lovecoats)
5.Lonesome Highway 6:32(B. & D. Bramlett, L. Russell)
6.Ride Out 3:01(G. Anton, I. Rosenberg)
7.Built For Comfort
8.House of Wax
9.Ready For Love
10.Maybellene 3:15(C. Berry)
11.Solid Rock 4:51(B. Dylan)
12.Golden Road4:30(G. Anton, Brian Godchaux)
13.Knockin' On Heaven's Door5:04(B. Dylan)
14.Scarlet Begonias 6:56(J. Garcia, R. Hunter)

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Castle CommunicationsCCRCD 111UKCD1993

Heart of Gold Band (1998)

CD front

1.Watching the River Flow5:36(B. Dylan)
2.Scarlet Begonias 6:56(J. Garcia, R. Hunter)
3.Stir it Up 6:50(B. Marley)
4.Gomorrah 9:01(J. Garcia, R. Hunter)
5.Strange Man 4:14(D. Lovecoats)
6.It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry6:09(B. Dylan)
7.Lonesome Highway 6:32(B. & D. Bramlett, L. Russell)
8.Show Boat 4:34(D. Godchaux, K. Godchaux)
9.Knockin' On Heaven's Door5:04(B. Dylan)
10.Solid Rock 4:51(B. Dylan)
11.Golden Road4:30(G. Anton, Brian Godchaux)
12.Maybellene 3:15(C. Berry)
13.Ride Out 3:01(G. Anton, I. Rosenberg)

Keith Godchauxpiano
1 - 9, 12 - 13
1 - 9
12 - 13
Donna Godchauxvocals1 - 13
Greg Antondrums
'71 Harley Davidson Shovelhead
1 - 13
12 - 13
Steve Kimockguitar1 - 11
Dexter LaBlancbass1 - 9
Greta Rosebackup vocals
1 - 9
10 - 13
David Mackaybass10 - 11
Mark Adlerpiano10 - 11
Bill Middlejonguitar12 - 13
Don Gaynorguitar12
John Cipollinaguitar13
Larry Kleinbass12 - 13
Billy Travisvocals12 - 13
Irv Rosenberg'49 Harley Davidson Panhead13
Dave Cort'850 Norton Commando13

1 - 9 Recorded Live at the Back Door, San Francisco, Ca 7/10/80
10 - 11 Recorded Live in Arcata, Ca 1980
12 - 13 Recorded 12/79; Remixed 2/89 by Tom Size

"The Heart of Gold Band began with Keith. After one concert he was gone and we were left with this one night stand. Who knows what might have been. Here is the raw beginning. For those who loved and remember Keith, this record is for you. God Bless You." Donna Godchaux Mackay

Produced by Greg Anton
Compilation Engineer: Brian Risner
Artwork by Dean Burns
Photography by Sister Charles Mayer R.S.M.
Design by Gecko Graphics
Historical Notes by Alan Trist

Coordination, Wardrobe: John Cipollina
Motorcycles recorded by Susan Rosenberg
Engineers: Dan Healy, Bob Matthews, Leroy Shayne, Joe Tarantino, Richard Van Doren, B.T.
Studios: Front Street, Tewkesbury, Tres Virgo, Prairie Sun, Harbor Sound, Fantasy Studios

Also starring:
Zion Rock, Muppy, Hal and Brian Godchaux, Jamie and Ivan Thatcher, Rolling Thunder, David Frieberg, Pete Sears, Robert Hunter, Smoking Moccasin, Mickey Hart, John Kahn, Donna MacKay, Dino Valenti, Chevy Marie, Marty Levine, Courtney Pollack, Nancy May, Laura, Dan and Carol, Peter Monk, Hope, Fu, Jerilyn, Hodge, Debbie Trist, Gary Kephart, N.F.B., Jeff Bogart, Howie, Don Cort, Kenny and Dee, Don Gaynor, Les Kippel, Michael Peri, Payton Massey, Avatar Studio, The Stoop Sisters, Peter McQuaid and Cameron Sears.

These live recordings come from a fluid period in the lives of several key Bay Area musicians in the early 80's. They bridge the death of Keith Godchaux who with Donna Godchaux first formed "The Ghosts" after playing with the Grateful Dead through most of the 70's, adding the flavor of their gospel and R&B roots to the Dead's music, touring, recording six albums and a solo album. Keith and Donna were also an integral part of the Jerry Garcia Band of the 70's. "The Ghosts" went on to become the "Heart of Gold Band" - a flash in time, sparkling, dynamic, where Keith and Donna expressed a magical musicality together. Donna remembers: "the interplay between Keith's playing and my singing on 'Strange Man' is extraordinarily sensitive, and it was the last song we played together."

The "Heart of Gold Band" included the core of what was later to become Zero - Greg Anton and Steve Kimock. In one version of the "Heart of Gold Band" David MacKay, who later created an entirely different musical endeavour with Donna, plays bass guitar. On one of the two studio tracks on this album, "Ride Out", includes a guest performance by John Cipollina, formerly of Quicksilver Messenger Service, who later toured and recorded with Zero. A studio version of "The Ghosts" backed up Robert Hunter on one of his troubadour tours, the occasion for the meeting of Hunter and Anton who in the 90's write songs together. All this eclectic mystery, which can perhaps be deciphered from the accompanying notes, made for exciting and formative music in the early 80's. It is therefore fitting to re-release these recordings now as, in the wake of the death of Jerry Garcia, a new fluidity amongst band personnel is engendered, proving once again the continuing vitality of the music which comes from the San Francisco Bay area. - August 1998

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDate
Grateful Dead ProductionsGDCD 4060USCD1998

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