John Cipollina & Link Wray

Marin Recorders, San Francisco, CA, 1976-12-16

Marin Recorders, San Francisco, CA, 1976-12-16

Rehearsal & jam session

1.Street Fighter (very short warm-up riffs)0:23
2.Street Fighter12:00
3.Blue Jean Joe (part 1) 13:41
4.Blue Jean Joe (part 2)6:09
5.Jack Hammer Man (short warm-up riffs)1:12
6.Jack Hammer Man (part 1) 3:46
7.Jack Hammer Man (part 2)5:02
8.Jack Hammer Man (part 3)1:25
9.Jack Hammer Man (part 4)0:42
10.Jack Hammer Man (part 5)5:15
11.Jam (part 1)1:53
12.Jam (part 2)1:02
13.Jam (part 3)1:22
14.Jam (part 4)1:18
15.Jam (part 5)10:24

SBD > ? > Cipollina's reel > C > CDR > EAC > CDR by a very generous person in trade

EAC > FLAC by Tom Shyman

It's currently unknown if Cipollina's reel is a master or a copy, but I think here may more than one tape generation here. There is some hiss, along with brief moments of static and small second drop outs. This appears to be from the source, and not the fault of bad burning.

This I believe wasn't in circulation before I premired it on CipQuick, an online group specializing in John Cipollina/QMS recordings, as well as like-minded bands. This site is found This is first run in torrent!

I spent many years seeking this one out as I knew of it's existence. Finally, with thanks to the web, a small trade and a fella with a big heart, I obtained this recording. I am unable to compare if there is a cleaner or longer version of this.

Link WrayVocals, guitar
John CipollinaGuitar

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