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Andy Kirby, Terry Dolan, John Cipollina

With John Cipollina:
Official ReleasesBootlegs, Shows
Too Close For Comfort Oh Boy Bootleg
Doubtful Handshake Studio Outtakes, 1971/72
Wind Dancer Record Plant, Sausalito, June 24, 1973
Rising Of The Moon Winterland, February 7, 1975
Fan Club Tapes Chi Chi Club, March, 1975
Silverado Trail Rehearsals, Mill Valley, CA, 1975
Return To Silverado KSAN, FM, SF, July 2, 1975
Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Volume 5 (DVD) Rehearsals, Mill Valley, CA, 4/1/76
Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Volume 5 (CD) Marshall Tavern, Marshall, CA, February 20, 1977
Miramar Beach Inn, Half Moon Bay, CA, March 1977
Different Fur Music, San Francisco, CA (not confirmed), May 1977
Silver City, NV, December 17, 1977
The Old Mill, Mill Valley, CA, April 3, 1978
Old Waldorf, San Francisco, 4/6/78
Rancho Nicasio, November 11, 1978
Keystone, Berkeley, November 18, 1978
Santa Cruz, CA, February 23, 1979
Rehearsals, Outtakes, etc 79/80/81/87
Rehearsals, 1979
The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, May 11, 1980
Rehearsals, 10/12/81
The Club, Monterey, CA, October 15, 1981
Rising of the Moon Outtakes, 1981
The Stone, San Francisco, CA, July 10, 1982
Rheinterrassen, Bonn, West Germany, December 5, 1982
Markthalle, Hamburg, December 6, 1982
The Stone, San Francisco, CA, December 11, 1982
Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA, 19th January, 1985
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, April 6, 1985
Chi Chi Club, San Francisco, CA, May 2nd, 1987

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