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It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Single)
Damon & Naomi with Ghost
Song to the Siren
The Earth Is Blue
Shibuya O-Nest, Tokyo, Japan, June 24, 2005 (DVD, Limited)
Within These Walls
White Christmas (CD-R Single, Limited)
Shibuya O-Nest, Tokyo, Japan, 2008 (DVD, Limited)
1001 Nights
False Beats and True Hearts
Spirit of Love (B-sides, bonuses, and soundtracks)
Everything Quieter Than Everything Else (Live in Japan)


A Head Full of Wishes (Andy Aldridge's Galaxie 500, Luna etc site)
Damon & Naomi's own site
20|20|20, Damon & Naomi's record label

It's All Over Now Baby Blue b/w You Doo Right (Single)

(as by damon & naomi & batoh & kurihara)


A.it's all over now, baby blue7:24(dylan)
B.yoo doo right 5:52(can)

masaki batoh guitar, vocals
damon krukowskiguitar, percussion, backing vocals
michio kuriharaelectric guitar
naomi yang bass, vocals, harmonium

recorded live by paul hilcoff at tt the bear's  cambridge, massachusetts  april 9, 1998
thanks to billy ruane, phil mcmullen and ptolemiac terrascope
photography and design: naomi yang  label illustration: yumiko yada

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Grimsey Grimsey 011 US7"1999

Damon & Naomi with Ghost

CD Front

CD Back

1.The Mirror Phase 4:39
2.The New World 4:33
3.Judah and the Maccabees4:48
4.Blue Moon 2:46
5.The Great Wall 8:22
6.I Dreamed of the Caucasus4:10
7.Don't Forget 5:52
8.Tanka 8:25
9.Eulogy to Lenny Bruce 4:38

Damon KrukowskiAcoustic guitar, drums, vocals
Naomi YangBass, harmonium, vocals
Masaki Batoh Acoustic guitar
Michio KuriharaElectric guitar
Kazuo Ogino Keyboards

[CD notes]

All songs by Damon & Naomi, except The New World by Batoh/Krukowski/Yang
Blue Moon by Alex Chilton, and Eulogy to Lenny Bruce by Tim Hardin
Arrangements by Kazuo Ogino
Produced by Damon & Naomi and Masaki Batoh
Engineered and mixed by Damon Krukowski at Kali Studios
December 1999 - April 2000
Design and photographs by Naomi Yang

We first met the Japanese band Ghost in 1995; despite any language barriers, we understood one another immediately and soon became friends. We have since toured together in both the US and Japan, and on occasion Ghost has joined us on stage to play our songs. After a show like this in Tokyo in the fall of 1998, we decided to record an album together. Over the course of the following year, we sent our new songs to Japan, and Ghost sent back ideas for production and arrangements. They also sent music for for a new song of theirs, to which we added lyrics. Then, in the last days of 1999 and the first of 2000, Ghost came to our studio to record this album, and celebrate the New Year, together.

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Sub Pop RecordsSPCD 501USCD2000

Song to the Siren

CD Front

CD Back

CD Back

Disc One - CD - Live in San Sebastian
1.Judah and the Maccabees4:54
2.The New World 3:59
3.Eye of the Storm 4:55
4.Song to the Siren 4:20
5.The Navigator 5:26
6.The Great Wall 6:51
7.I Dreamed of the Caucasus4:09
8.New York City 4:39
9.Tanka 6:01
10.Turn of the Century 5:37
11.Love 3:59

Recorded by Joan Vich Montaner
Edited and mastered by Alan Douglas
Produced by Damon & Naomi
with thanks to Masaki Batoh

All songs by Damon & Naomi
except The New World by Tim Buckley and Larry Beckett
and Love (Toi umi et tabini deta watashi no koibito) by Yasuko Aizawa and Yoshio Hayakawa

Damon KrukowskiAcoustic guitar, vocals
Naomi YangBass, harmonium, vocals
Michio KuriharaElectric guitar

Disc Two - DVD - Song to the Siren
A video tour diary by Naomi Yang
In English with optional Japanese subtitles
Commentary by Damon & Naomi

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Sub Pop RecordsSPCD592USCD + DVD2002

The Earth Is Blue

CD Front

1.Beautiful Close Double4:37
2.A Second Life4:46
4.House of Glass6:23
6.While My Guitar Gently Weeps5:36
7.Ueno Station5:16
8.The Robot Speaks4:27
9.Araca Azul2:43
10.The Earth Is Blue6:47

Produced by Damon & Naomi
Engineered & mixed by Damon Krukowski at Kali Studioes, 2003 - 2004
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Design & landscape photographs by Naomi Yang
Studio photographs by Kelly Davidson

All songs by Damon & Naomi © 2005 Pierre Etoile Musique (BMI) adm. Bug Music,
except The Earth is Blue by Krukowski/Kurihara/Yang © 2005 Pierre Etoile Musique (BMI) adm. Bug Music;
While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison © Harrissongs Ltd. (ASCAP);
and Araca Azul by Caetano Veloso © Terra Enterprises Inc. (BMI), lyrics reprinted by permission

Damon KrukowskiAcoustic guitar, drums, vocals
Naomi YangBass, keyboards, vocals
Michio KuriharaElectric guitar
Dana KletterPiano5
Greg KelleyTrumpet1, 3, 6, 10
Bhob RaineySoprano Saxophone1, 3, 6, 10

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes

Shibuya O-Nest, Tokyo, Japan, June 24, 2005 (DVD, Limited)

1.New York City
2.House of Glass
3.Turn of the Century
4.Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley)
5.Awake in a Muddle (Masaki Batoh)
6.Beautiful Close Double
7.The Robot Speaks
8.The Wind’s Twelve Quarters (Michio Kurihara/You Ishihara)
9.A Second Life
10.Araca Azul (Caetano Veloso)/ The Earth Is Blue
11.Ueno Station / Sendou Kouta (Trad) *
12.Blue Thunder (Galaxie 500)

All region DVD; 82 minutes, limited edition

Filmed & edited by Hiroo Ishihara

What is it about last shows on a tour? The band is exhausted, but at its most together; the mood can be loose, but intense because it's the last night; the feelings are celebratory, but also melancholy.
The Galaxie 500 live CD, "Copenhagen," was the last show of a long European tour; the D&N with Kurihara "Live in San Sebastian" CD was likewise recorded at the end of an exhausting tour. And earlier this year, the last show in Japan of The Earth Is Blue tour turned out to be a similarly special night for us.
First of all, we had a dream band on stage with us: Kurihara, of course. But also Masaki Batoh from Ghost, fingerpicking an acoustic guitar. Bhob Rainey, on soprano sax. And we asked the legendary singer Mikami Kan — who had opened all our shows in Japan — if he might join us on stage for an encore this last evening. He honored us by saying yes . . .
We put together a set list that reflected the group we had assembled — the band's choice of our touring material, from the new album and otherwise; plus a song by Ghost ("Awake in a Muddle"); a song by Kurihara drawn from his remarkable solo album ("The Wind's Twelve Quarters"); and, for the encore with Mikami Kan, an improvised medley of our song that is dedicated to him ("Ueno Station") with a traditional Japanese "enka" tune that he recorded on one of our favorite albums of his ("Sendou Kouta"). At the end, because the crowd asked for a second encore, and because we always get a bit sentimental in Japan, we played the Galaxie 500 song "Blue Thunder."
And then we packed up and went home. There's always so much to attend to on coming home from a long tour, and somehow the last echoes of the trip fade first.
So some months later, we were surprised and delighted when a package arrived from our friend Hiroo Ishihara in Japan — Ishihara (who directed the great Ghost DVD released earlier this year) had filmed that night's show in Tokyo, and edited it for us as a souvenir on DVD.
We're pressing a limited run of these DVDs, to share the souvenir with anyone who might have come to one of our shows this year, or wanted to but couldn't. Thanks to Ishihara and all the friends we had on stage, it's a show we will always remember from our tour of the world.
— Damon

Damon Krukowski
Naomi Yang
Michio KuriharaElectric guitar
Masaki BatohAcoustic Guitar
Bhob RaineySoprano Sax
Special Guest:
Kan MitamiVocal*

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
20|20|20 USDVD2005

Within These Walls

CD Front

1.Lilac Land4:57
2.The Well6:18
3.On The Aventine3:40
4.Within These Walls5:02
5.Red Flower4:24
7.Stars Never Fade6:53
8.A Silver Thread4:06
9.The Turnaround3:13
10.Cruel Queen5:39

Damon & Naomi sing ballads in a lonely mood with rich backgrounds featuring horn
and string arrangements by Bhob Rainey, and the electric guitar of Michio Kurihara

"Myth criticism is born. Flickering, you find within these walls an icy beacon fire. Now
touch carefully Damon & Naomi’s kaleidoscope world." — Masaki Batoh (Ghost)

Produced by Damon & Naomi
Horn and string arrangements by Bhob Rainey
Engineered and mixed by Damon Krukowski at Kali Studios, 2006 – 2007
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Design and still-life photographs by Naomi Yang
Portrait of Damon & Naomi by Norman Gholson

All songs by Damon & Naomi ©2007 Pierre Etoile Musique (BMI) adm. Bug Music
"Cruel Queen" is based on the traditional song "The Trees They Do Grow High"

Damon Krukowskiacoustic guitar, drums, vocals
Naomi Yangbass, keyboards, vocals
Michio Kuriharaelectric guitar
Bhob Raineysoprano sax
Greg Kelleytrumpet
Kyle Bruckmannoboe, english horn
Helena Espvallcello
Margaret Wienkcello
Katt Hernandezviolin

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes

1001 Nights

DVD includes: Song to the Siren: A film by Naomi Yang, Japanese Scrapbook by Naomi Yang, Three Films by Cedrick Eymenier, Live at O-Nest 2005 and 2008 - filmed by Hiroo Ishihara, Liner notes by film historian Haden Guest, director of the Harvard Film Archive
Limited Edition LP/DVD includes: Live from San Sebastian on vinyl, a threedimensional 1001 Nights calendar
Synopsis1001 Nights is a comprehensive anthology of the ethereal Damon and Naomi with videos and live performances by the duo from 2001 through 2009. This road trip through the decade includes live footage of Damon and Naomi and friends they met up with along the way including: Ghost, The Clientele and Richard Youngs. Damon and Naomi curated 1001 Nights and included a rare live version of "Blue Thunder," a song originally performed by their legendary first band Galaxie 500.
Featuring: Damon & Naomi, Michio Kurihara, The Clientele, Ghost, Richard Youngs, Rheinallt H. Rowlands, Thom Revolver, Bhob Rainey, Masaki Batoh and Helena Espvall
Press"A tour de force of lush romanticism; deliciously melancholic." – SF Bay Guardian
"Maudlin and intelligent." – Wire


Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Factory 25FTF-002USDVD2009
Factory 25FTF-002USDVD + LP2009Ltd
Factory 25FTF-002USDigital2009

False Beats and True Hearts

CD Front

1.Walking Backwards
2.How Do I Say Goodbye
3.Shadow Boxing
5.Nettles and Ivy
6.What She Brings
8.And You Are There

All songs are new originals by Damon & Naomi.

"damon & naomi have slowly, steadily, stealthily made themselves into one of the most consistently interesting cultural juggernauts on the contemporary scene." — byron coley & thurston moore, arthur magazine

"Over two decades — first as the rhythm section of Galaxie 500 and then on a series of low-key studio albums — damon & naomi have mastered the art of intimacy." — greg kot, chicago tribune

Naomi Yangbass, keyboards, piano, vocals
Damon Krukowskiacoustic guitar, drums, vocals
Michio Kuriharaelectric guitar
Bhob Raineysoprano sax
Greg Kelleytrumpet
Masaki Batohacoustic guitar

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Broken HorseUK2011
P-Vine RecordsJapan2011

Spirit of Love (B-sides, bonuses, and soundtracks)

CD Front

1.The Ghosts of Girton (Richard Youngs)
From a compilation presented to Richard Youngs on his 50th birthday. Recorded at Kali Studios, 2016
2.I Never Knew I Always Knew
Commissioned for the exhibition "my heart’s in my hand, and my hand is pierced, and my hand's in the bag, and the bag is shut, and my heart is caught" by Phil Collins. Lyrics from a phone call taped by the artist. Recorded at Kali Studios, 2013.
3.The World's Strongest Man (Scott Walker)
Commissioned for the film “Scott Walker - 30 Century Man” by Stephen Kijak. Recorded at Q Division by Jon Lupfer, 2009. With Bhob Rainey, soprano sax, mellotron; Greg Kelley, trumpet
4.White Christmas (Irving Berlin)
Commissioned for the film “Lovely, Still” by Nik Fackler. Recorded by Jon Lupfer at Q Division, 2008. With Michio Kurihara, electric guitar; Bhob Rainey, soprano sax; Greg Kelley, trumpet
5.Shine A Light (Rolling Stones)
XFM Radio session, London, December 2011. Recorded by Chris Denman. With Michio Kurihara, electric guitar
6.Blue Thunder (Galaxie 500)
Live in Bristol, England, May 2010. Recorded by Rich Munday.
7.Wind's 12 Quarters (Michio Kurihara/You Ishihara)
Live in Tokyo, June 2005. English adaptation by Damon & Naomi. Recorded by Satoru Fujii. With Michio Kurihara, electric guitar; Masaki Batoh, acoustic guitar; Bhob Rainey, soprano sax.
8.A Song For You (Gram Parsons)
Soundcheck for “Song to the Siren: Live in San Sebastian.” Recorded by Joan Vich Montaner, 2001. With Michio Kurihara, electric guita
9.My Flower (Watashi No Hana) (Tomokawa Kazuki/Norio Nagayama)
Live in Tokyo, 2004. English adaptation by Damon & Naomi with Alan Cummings. Recorded by Satoru Fujii. With Michio Kurihara, electric guitar; Taishi Takizawa, flute
10.Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground)
Outtake from “Damon & Naomi with Ghost.” Recorded at Kali Studios, 2000. With Michio Kurihara, electric guitar; Kazuo Ogino, keyboards; Masaki Batoh, acoustic guitar
11.Love (Jacks)
Outtake from “Damon & Naomi with Ghost.” Recorded at Kali Studios, 2000. With Masaki Batoh, acoustic guitar
12.Spirit of Love (C.O.B.)
From a compilation for Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine. Recorded at Kali Studios, 1996

B-sides, bonuses, and soundtracks recorded 1996-2016. Cover image by Hilma af Klint, 1915.

A Bandcamp exclusive!

released December 2, 2016

Naomi Yangkeyboards, bass, vocals
Damon Krukowskiacoustic guitar, drums, vocals
Michio Kuriharaelectric guitar
Bhob Raineysoprano sax
Greg Kelleytrumpet
Kazuo Oginokeyboards
Taishi Takizawaflute
Masaki Batohacoustic guitar

See individual track info for songwriting credits (these are all covers of one kind or another) and musicians on each recording.
A pdf of track notes is also attached to downloads of the full album.

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes

Everything Quieter Than Everything Else (Live in Japan)

CD Front

1.The Well 7:09
2.Ueno Station 6:54
3.Lilac Land 6:01
4.Stars Never Fade 8:07
5.Love 6:07
6.Beautiful Close Double 5:23
7.The Robot Speaks 4:51
8.The Wind's Twelve Quarters 7:22
9.A Second Life 5:59
10.Araçá Azul / The Earth is Blue 9:26

Recorded at O-Nest, Shibuya, Tokyo
Sound by Satoru Fujii
Tracks 1-5: January 2008, Tracks 6-10: June 2005

Damon Krukowskiacoustic guitar, vocals
Naomi Yangbass, keyboards, vocals
Michio Kuriharaelectric guitar
Masaki Batohacoustic guitar
Bhob Raineysoprano sax
Helena Espvallcello (tracks 1-5)

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Disk UnionJapanCD20/9/17

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