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My name is Marta Randall. I am a writer, editor, and teacher, working mostly in the field of science fiction and fantasy.

Like most writers, I have always been a storyteller and canít remember a time when stories didnít bubble around in my head, stories about everything from what was going on around me to daring exploits in exciting surroundings, fraught with danger and adventure ó I wasnít going to be the one stuck at home baking cookies, I was going to be the one balancing on the raft in the lashing seas, gripping the mast with one hand while the other held on to the cookies somebody else had baked.

I hope you like the stories that, over the years, have bubbled out of my head and onto the page.


A City in the North1976Warner Paperback Library, New York, 1976 Ė reissued 1979;
Islands1976Pyramid Publications, New York, 1976 Ė (Nebula Awards Nominee)
Pocket Books, New York, 1980 (revised);
eReads ebook 2001 (revised); eReads trade paper 2002; trade paper, Raleigh, NC, 2019
Journey1978Kennerin SagaPocket Books, New York, 1978; Timescape Books, New York, 1983; Hamlyn, London, 1979; eReads ebook 2001;, trade paper Raleigh, NC, 2019
Dangerous Games1980Kennerin SagaPocket Books, New York, 1980; eReads ebook 2003; eReads trade paper 2003; trade paper, Raleigh, NC, 2019
The Sword of Winter *1983Timescape Books (Simon & Schuster), New York, 1983; Pocket Books, New York, 1985
Those Who Favor Fire1984Pocket Books, New York, 1984
Growing Light [as by Martha Conley]1993St. Martinís Press, New York, 1993; Berkley Books, New York, 1995; e-reads, 2014
Mapping Winter *2019Riders GuildEndeavour Venture, London, 2019, ebook
The Ride South2019Riders GuildEndeavour Venture, London, 2019, ebook
A City in the North,, Raleigh, NC, 2019, ebook

* - "First published as The Sword of Winter in 1983, Mapping Winter has been extensively revised to fit the authorís originally intended vision."


Collected Stories, Raleigh, NC, 2007, tp; Endeavour Venture, 2019, ebook

Short Fiction

Smack Run (1973) [as by Marta Bergstresser]New Worlds 5, 1972
A Scarab in the City of Time (1975)New Dimensions 5, 1975; The Best Of New Dimensions, 1979; The Worlds Of Science Fiction, 1979CS1CS2
Megan's World (1976)The Crystal Ship, 1976
Secret Rider (1976)New Dimensions 6, 1976; Trips In Time, 1977CS1CS2
The State of the Art on Alyssum (1977)New Dimensions 7, 1977CS1CS2
The Captain and the Kid (1979)Universe 9, 1979
The View from Endless Scarp (1979)F&SF, June 1978CS2
Dangerous Games (1980)F&SF, April 1980CS1CS2
Sugarfang (1980)Shayol, #4 Winter 1980
Circus (1980)New Dimensions 10, 1980CS1CS2
Emris: An Excerpt (1981)A Fantasy Reader: The Seventh World Fantasy Convention Book, 1981
Singles (1982)Shadows 5, 1981
Fiction / Meya (excerpt) (1984)Norwescon 7 Program Book, 1984
On Cannon Beach (1984)Isaac Asimovís Science Fiction Magazine, 1984; Isaac Asimovís Earth, 1992CS1CS2
Undeniably Cute: A Cautionary Tale (1985)Isaac Asimovís Science Fiction Magazine, 1986
Thank You, Mr. HalifaxOmni, November 1984
Sea Changes (1985)Asimovís Science Fiction Magazine, 1985CS1CS2
Big Dome (1985)The Planets, 1985CS1CS2
Lapidary Nights (1987)Universe 17, 1987; The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook, December 1988CS1CS2
Haunted (1987)Twilight Zone Magazine, 1986CS1CS2
A Question of Magic (1990)Tales Of The Witch World 3, 1990
Managing HelenThe Readerville Journal, Jan-Feb 2003
The Dark Boy (2007)F&SF, Jan 2007CS1CS2
LŠzaro y Antonio (2007)F&SF, June 2007; Lightspeed Magazine, December 2012CS1CS2
The English Senor (2010)Sherlock Holmes In The New World, 2010
Lemnos (as by Zoe Amador)Lustily Ever After, 2016
Seven Characters in Search of a Porn Writer (as Zoe Amador), 2016
The Stone Lover (2017)Lightspeed Magazine, March 2017


Marta's Lupoff Week (1976)
SFWA Challenges Pocket Books (1978)
Letter (Locus #212) (1978)
Caveat Author: The New Pocket Books Contract (1978)
Introduction (Galaxies) (1980)
Foreword: The Second Decade (1981)
Restaurants and Limbs and Other Digressions (1981)
Letter Locus #257 (1982)
Letter Ansible 36 (1983)
untitled (The Faces of Science Fiction) (1984)
Introduction (The Nebula Awards #19) (1984)
The Truth About Robert Silverberg (Trust Me) (1985)
A Little Womanly Advice (1989)
Response to "The New Generation Gap" (1989)
Afterword (Three in Space) (1998)
A Biography Of John Fitzgerald KennedyChelsea House, New York, 1988
A Little Womanly AdviceWriters Of The Future, Vol.. V, Bridge Publications Inc., 1989
Conquering the Universe for Fun and ProfitWords In Our Pockets, Feminist Writers Press, 1986
Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the MagazineÖSFWA Bulletin, SFWA Forum, 1980
In Search of the Elephant,introduction to Barry Malzbergís GALAXIESGregg Press, 1980
Caveat Author: the New Pocketbooks ContractLocus, SFWA Forum, SF Review, SFWA Bulletin 1978

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The Nebula Awards #19 (1984)
New Dimensions 11 (1980) with Robert Silverberg
New Dimensions 12 (1981) with Robert Silverberg
New Dimensions 13unpublished