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Mélusine * Ace Books, hc, 2005; Ace Books, pb, 2006
The Virtu * Ace Books, hc, 2006; Ace Books, pb, 2007
The Mirador * Ace Books, hc, 2007; Ace Books, ebk & pb, 20086
A Companion to Wolves # Tor Books, hc, 2007; Tor Books, ebk & pb, 2008
Corambis * Ace Books, hc & ebk, 2009; Ace Books, pb, 2010
The Tempering of Men # Tor Books, hc & ebk, 2011; Tor Books, pb, 2012
The Goblin Emperor @[As Katherine Addison] Tor Books, hc & ebk, 2014; Tor Books, pb, 2015
An Apprentice to Elves # Tor Books, hc & ebk, 2015; Tantor Audio, audio, 2020
The Angel of the Crows [As Katherine Addison] Tor Books, hc & ebk, 2020; Solaris, hc & ebk, 2020
The Witness for the Dead @ [As Katherine Addison] Tor Books, hc, Jun 2021

* - The Doctrine of Labyrinths Series, # - Iskryne Series [with Elizabeth Bear], @ - Goblin Emperor series

Melusine's Calendars, Map of Melusine

Jo Walton reviews Melusine etc: Melusine, The Virtu, The Mirador, Corambis


The Bone Key: The Necromantic Mysteries of Kyle Murchison Booth Prime Books, tp, 2007; 2nd Edition, Prime Books, tp, 2011
Unnatural Creatures2011, chapbook, signed, v limited
Somewhere Beneath Those Waves Prime Books, tp, 2011

Short stories

TitleFirst PubTBKSBTUC
Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 11, Nov 2002SBT
Sidhe Tigers Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 13, Nov 2003SBT
Queen of Swords Alienskin Magazine, Nov 2003SBT
The Wall of Clouds $ Alchemy Magazine 1, Dec 2003TBK
Bringing Helena Back $ All Hallows: The Journal of the Ghost Story Society 35, Feb 2004TBK
The Inheritance of Barnabas Wilcox $ Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries 7, May 2004TBK
Straw Strange Horizons, Jun 2004SBT
The Green Glass Paperweight $ Tales of the Unanticipated 25, Aug 2004TBK
The Venebretti Necklace $ Alchemy Magazine 2, Sep 2004TBK
Wait for Me $ Naked Snake Online, Sep 2004TBK
The Vampire Smokes a Reflective Cigarette (poem)Labyrinthine, 2004
The Half-Sister Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 15, Jan 2005SBT
Elegy for a Demon Lover $ Tales of the Unanticipated 26, Oct 2005TBK
Night Train: Heading West (poem)The Magazine Of Speculative Poetry 7:2 (Spring 2005)SBT
MetaLabyrinthine, 2005
Drowning Palmer $ All Hallows: The Journal of the Ghost Story Society 41, Feb 2006TBK
National Geographic On Assignment: Mermaids of the Old West Fictitious Force 2, Spring 2006SBT
The Ile of Dogges [with Elizabeth Bear] Aeon 7, May 2006
The Séance at Chisholm End Alchemy Magazine 3, May 2006SBT
A Gift of Wings The Queen in Winter Ace Books, 2006
Amante Dorée Paradox Magazine 10, Winter 2006SBT
Draco campestris Strange Horizons, Aug 2006SBT
Letter from a Teddy Bear on Veterans' Day Ideomancer 5.3, Sep 2006SBT
A Light in Troy Clarkesworld Magazine 1, Oct 2006SBT
Katabasis: Seraphic Trains Tales of the Unanticipated 27, 2006SBT
A Night in Electric Squidland # Lone Star Stories 15, Jun 2006SBT
The Bone Key $ SAY... What's the Combination?, May 2007TBK
The Watcher in the CornersNotes from the Labyrinth, April 23, 2007SBT
Under the Beansidhe's Pillow Lone Star Stories 22, Aug 2007SBT
Listening to Bone $ The Bone KeyTBK
Somewhere Beneath Those Waves Was Her Home Fantasy Magazine, 2007SBT
The Replacement $ The Willows, Oct 2008UC
The World Without Sleep $Postscripts, Spring 2008SBTUC
Darkness, as a BrideCemetery Dance, #58, 2008SBT
Fiddleback FernsFlytrap, #9, June 2008SBT
Boojum % [with Elizabeth Bear] Part 1 Part 2 Fast Ships, Black Sails,
Mongoose % [with Elizabeth Bear] Part 1 Part 2 Text Lovecraft Unbound: Twenty Stories, 2009
White Charles Clarkesworld Magazine, Sep 2009UC
After the Dragon Fantasy Magazine, Jan 2010SBT
ImpostorsSomewhere Beneath Those Waves, 2011SBT
Absent from FelicitySomewhere Beneath Those Waves, 2011SBT
Blue Lace Agate #Lightspeed, January 2012
Coyote Gets His Own BackApex Magazine, July 2012
Ashes, Ashes All Hallows: The Journal of the Ghost Story SocietySBT
No Man's Land Fictitious ForceSBT
The Yellow Dressing Gown $Weird Tales, March-April 2008UC
The Wreck of the "Charles Dexter Ward" % [with Elizabeth Bear] Part 1 Part 2 2012
To Die for Moonlight $Apex Magazine, July 2013
A Year and a Day in Old Theradane (with Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch)Rogues, 2013
The Half-Life of AngelsUncanny Magazine, July-August 2015
Learning to See DragonsUncanny Magazine, November-December 2017
National Geographic on Assignment: The Unicorn EnclosurePodCastle, Miniature 101, 2017
The Testimony of Dragon's Teeth $Uncanny Magazine, March-April 2018
The Oracle of Abbey Road (Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night)Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, #38, 2018
The Cobbler's Boy (with Elizabeth Bear, as Katherine Addison)Rogues, 2018

$ - Kyle Murchison Booth, % - Boojum, # - Mick & Jamie


The Destruction of Benton Fraser: Season One of Due South 2008
(D.Phil Eng Lit Dissertation) "It harrows me with fear and wonder": Horror and Haunting in Early Modern Revenge Tragedy2004
Doing Tolkien Wrong: Why Fantasy Shouldn't Follow in Tolkien's Footsteps 2005
How to Make a Witch-Hunt: Salem 1692 2018
The Importance of Maps THE BROADSHEET (September 2006)
Interview: Elizabeth Bear SUBTERRANEAN ONLINE (Summer 2007).
Introduction (The Bone Key) The Bone Key, 2007
The Life and Work of Godfrey Winton: A Panel Discussion on One of Science Fiction's Lost Masters
(with Nick Sagan and John Scalzi)
Ludo and the Goblin King 2016
Men Without Bones: An Appreciation of Gerald Kersh THE ED SF PROJECT (November 2005).
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A Road That Has No Ending: Revenge in Sandman 2012
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Welcome to the Reformation, Bitches 2013


Shadow Unit with Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Will Shetterly