Paul McAuley


  Tooled up and ready to write  - Stel Pavlou
     Matrix, Jul 2005Stel Pavlou
     Matrix, Jul 2005

Books Reviewed

  Cowboy Angels 
     Vector, Nov 2007 by Gary S. Dalkin
  The Eye of the Tiger 
     Vector, May 2004 by Stuart Carter
  Futures (Edited)  with Stephen Baxter  & Peter F. Hamilton  & Ian McDonald  & Peter Crowther 
     Vector, Sep 2001 by Gary S. Dalkin
  Little Machines 
     Vector, Jul 2005 by Steve Jeffery
  Mind's Eye 
     Vector, Sep 2005 by Pete Young
  The Quiet War 
     Vector, Win 2008 by Shaun C. Green
  The Secret of Life 
     Vector, Sep 2001 by Andrew Seaman
  White Devils 
     Vector, May 2004 by Dave M. Roberts
  Whole Wide World 
     Vector, Jan 2002 by Steve Jeffery

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