Paperback Inferno, December 1983

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas 
Pages: 16, A4
Price: 15p
Notes: #45, Volume 7, No 3, 41st issue

   - Gregory Benford 
   - Jeremy Crampton 
   - Nigel Richardson 
   - Martyn Taylor 
   - Gregory Benford 

   - Nik Morton 
   - Margaret Welbank 

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
  Shatterday - Harlan Ellison 

Book Reviews by Bill Carlin
  The Book of Philip Jose Farmer - Philip Jose Farmer 

Book Reviews by John Hobson
  The Invincible - Stanislaw Lem 
  Return from the Stars - Stanislaw Lem 
  Tales of Pirx the Pilot - Stanislaw Lem 

Book Reviews by David Langford
  Science Fiction Puzzle Tales - Martin Gardner 
  Physics as Metaphor - Roger Jones 

Book Reviews by Nick Lowe
  Helliconia Spring - Brian W. Aldiss 

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
  Split Infinity - Piers Anthony 

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  Report on Probability A - Brian W. Aldiss 
  The Deceivers - Alfred Bester 
  Lord of the Trees - Philip Jose Farmer 
  The Barbie Murders - John Varley 

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
  Sandkings - George R. R. Martin 

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
  Nebula Award Winners 15 (Edited) - Frank Herbert 

Book Reviews by Pascal Thomas
  Vue En Coupe D'Une Ville Malade - Serge Brussolo 
  Les Sentinelles D'Almoha - Serge Brussolo 
  Ausii Lourd Que Le Vent - Serge Brussolo 
  Sommeil du Sang - Serge Brussolo 
  Portrait du Diable en Chapeau-Melon - Serge Brussolo 
  Le Nuisible - Serge Brussolo 
  Les Manguers de Muraille - Serge Brussolo 
  Traque-La-Morte - Serge Brussolo 
  A L'Image du Dragon - Serge Brussolo 
  Le Carnival de Fer - Serge Brussolo 
  Puzzle de Chair - Serge Brussolo 
  Semeur D'Abimes - Serge Brussolo 
  The 57th Franz Kafka - Rudy Rucker 
  Software - Rudy Rucker 

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  Downbelow Station - C. J. Cherryh 

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