Paperback Parlour, August 1979

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas 
Pages: 10, A4
Notes: No 15, Volume 3, No. 1 (again), 15th issue

  E is for Editorial - Joseph Nicholas 

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  Tiger! Tiger! - Alfred Bester 
  The Warriors of Day - James Blish 
  The Multiple,Man - Ben Bova 
  Colony - Ben Bova 
  The Unexpected Dimension - Algis Budrys 
  Michaelmas - Algis Budrys 
  Who? - Algis Budrys 
  Necromancer - Gordon R. Dickson 
  Pro - Gordon R. Dickson 
  Alien - Alan Dean Foster 
  Orphan Star - Alan Dean Foster 
  Cold War in a Country Garden - Lindsay Gutteridge 
  Killer Pine - Lindsay Gutteridge 
  Fratricide is a Gas - Lindsay Gutteridge 
  Mutant - Henry Kuttner 
  Swords and Deviltry - Fritz Leiber 
  Swords Against Death - Fritz Leiber 
  Swords in the Mist - Fritz Leiber 
  Swords Against Wizardry - Fritz Leiber 
  Xanthe and the Robots - Sheila MacLeod 
  The Status Civilisation - Robert Sheckley 
  Collision Course - Robert Silverberg 
  A.K.A.: A Cosmic Fable - Rob Swigart 
  Titan - John Varley 

Book Reviews by Ian Maule
  War-Gamer's World - Hugh Walker 

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
  The Planet Savers - Marion Zimmer Bradley 
  The World Wreckers - Marion Zimmer Bradley 

Book Reviews by David Langford
  Stardance - Spider Robinson  Jeanne Robinson 

Book Reviews by Keith Plunkett
  Trullion: Alastor 2262 - Jack Vance 

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