"The Internet Science Fiction Database (ISFDB) is an effort to catalog works of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. It links together various types of bibliographic data: author bibliographies, publication bibliographies, award listings, magazine content listings, anthology and collection content listings, yearly fiction indexes, and forthcoming books."

A 'quick and dirty' attempt (based on some existing code that I use for the dynamic version of the BSFA Magazine Index, and also to display the contents of my SF magazine collection) to display the ISFDB MySQL database.

The code is available for download, all zipped up into a single file:

For more detail, see notes.htm which refers to the PHP version. A specific version of notes.htm is also included in each zip file.

Release History

30th January Changes to make the PHP code work with the 29/Jan/2005 version of the database; it will still also work with older versions. It now shows the schema version in the top frame. The online version is not yet updated.
23rd January Decode the different short fiction lengths in issue contents; Show notes after titles; Display biographic data for author; Display awards data for author; Handle ^ in author names and titles.
19th JanuaryShows interviews in author pages.
12th JanuaryShows reviews & interviews in issue contents.
10th JanuarySearch page now working, searching only on Title; Multiple tags shown per item; Year shown after title.
9th January, 15:30Some minor tidying up. PHP version of application now available online at
9th January, 12:30Magazine lookup table now complete. Expanded notes.
8th January, 23:20Magazine lookup table SQL included but incomplete; Search page not working
8th January 2005, 22:10SQL for Magazine lookup table omitted; Search page not working