Barbara Hambly

August, 2008
  Sat Aug 2 :  A treat to re-read: Barbara Hambly's Stranger at the Wedding [Post]
November, 2009
  Mon Nov 23:  Barbara Hambly sequel stories to download for $5 [Post]
January, 2011
  Wed Jan 26:  Don't mess with magic: Barbara Hambly's The Ladies of Mandrigyn [Post]
September, 2011
  Tue Sep 13:  Persecuted Wizards: Barbara Hambly's The Rainbow Abyss [Post]
August, 2012
  Tue Aug 14:  Industrial Revolution Magic: Barbara Hambly's Darkmage Books [Post]
June, 2023
  Thu Jun 8:  RL Entry: Barbara Hambly's The Iron Princess (2023) [Post]

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