John Brunner

April, 2009
  Fri Apr 24:  As you wish, so be it: John Brunner's The Compleat Traveller in Black [Post]
May, 2009
  Wed May 6:  A different kind of alternative: John Brunner's The Infinitive of Go [Post]
July, 2009
  Fri Jul 24:  Alien stars: John Brunner's The Crucible of Time [Post]
July, 2010
  Thu Jul 1:  The Society of Time: John Brunner's Times Without Number [Post]
February, 2011
  Tue Feb 1:  Telepathy and Healing: John Brunner's The Whole Man (aka Telepathist) [Post]
April, 2013
  Thu Apr 4:  The Net Before the Net: John Brunner's The Shockwave Rider [Post]

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