Nevil Shute

October, 2009
  Thu Oct 22:  The future of the Commonwealth: Nevil Shute's In the Wet [Post]
August, 2010
  Thu Aug 5:  Real world engineering: Nevil Shute's No Highway [Post]
November, 2011
  Wed Nov 2:  Rescuing Children in Wartime: Nevil Shute's Pied Piper [Post]
January, 2012
  Tue Jan 31:  A Trip to Greenland and a Dream of Vikings: Nevil Shute's An Old Captivity [Post]
April, 2019
  Wed Apr 10:  RL Entry: Nevil Shute's Trustee From the Toolroom (1960) [Post]
  Wed Apr 10:  RL Entry: Nevil Shute's What Happened to the Corbetts (1939) [Post]
August, 2019
  Fri Aug 2:  RL Entry: Nevil Shute's The Rainbow and the Rose (1958) [Post]
November, 2019
  Mon Nov 4:  RL Entry: Nevil Shute's Ruined City (1938) [Post]
May, 2020
  Thu May 7:  RL Entry: Nevil Shute's Requiem for a Wren (1955) [Post]
February, 2022
  Fri Feb 4:  RL Entry: Nevil Shute's So Disdained (1928) [Post]

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