Walter Jon Williams

October, 2008
  Mon Oct 20:  Centaur songs and scientific revolutions: Walter Jon Williams' Knight Moves [Post]
May, 2009
  Tue May 26:  Aliens, spaceships, and fun: Walter Jon Williams's Dread Empire's Fall [Post]
September, 2009
  Mon Sep 28:  Review: Walter Jon Williams' This Is Not A Game [Post]
August, 2010
  Wed Aug 4:  The best spacestation novel not written by Cherryh: Walter Jon Williams' Angel Station [Post]
May, 2011
  Tue May 24:  Surpassing humanity: Walter Jon Williams Aristoi [Post]
September, 2011
  Tue Sep 27:  Transformative in This as Everything Else: Walter Jon Williams's Metropolitan and City on Fire [Post]
April, 2012
  Mon Apr 16:  Walter Jon Williams's Aristoi Now Available as an Ebook [Post]
January, 2021
  Fri Jan 8:  RL Entry: Walter Jon Williams's Fleet Elements (2020) [Post]
January, 2023
  Fri Jan 13:  RL Entry: Walter Jon Williams's Imperium Restored (2022) [Post]

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