April, 2011

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Fri Apr 1: Shakespeare's King: Some thoughts on Henry V, Part 2 [Post] [Shakespeare] [Henry V, Part 2]
Sun Apr 3: Hugo Nominees: 1977 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Tue Apr 5: Come and see the violence inherent in the system! [Post]
Sun Apr 10: Hugo Nominees: 1978 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Mon Apr 11: Where does dystopia fit as a genre? [Post] [Dystopia Week]
Wed Apr 13: Wei, Christ, Marx and Wood, made us humble, made us good: Ira Levin's This Perfect Day [Post] [Ira Levin] [This Perfect Day] [Dystopia Week]
Sun Apr 17: Hugo Nominees: 1979 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Tue Apr 19: Fantasy for grown-ups: Daniel Abraham's Long Price Quartet [Post] [Daniel Abraham] [Long Price Quartet]
Thu Apr 21: The Patrick Rothfuss Reread: Introduction [Post] [Patrick Rothfuss] [Rothfuss Reread]
Thu Apr 21: Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 1: The Cut-Flower Sound [Post] [Patrick Rothfuss] [The Name of the Wind] [Rothfuss Reread]
Fri Apr 22: Engineering and Sri Lanka: Arthur C. Clarke's The Fountains of Paradise [Post] [Arthur C. Clarke] [The Fountains of Paradise]
Sun Apr 24: Hugo Nominees: 1980 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Sun Apr 24: When We Were Robots in Egypt (Poem) [Post] [Jo Walton] [Poetry]
Tue Apr 26: Spaceships, art, and life: Elizabeth Lynn's A Different Light [Post] [Elizabeth Lynn] [A Different Light]
Thu Apr 28: Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 2: You Went Looking For a Myth and Found a Man [Post] [Patrick Rothfuss] [The Name of the Wind] [Rothfuss Reread]

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