December, 2009

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Wed Dec 2: “What, is there more?”: Steven Brust's Five Hundred Years After [Post] [Steven Brust] [Five Hundred Years After]
Thu Dec 3: “Orca circles, hard and lean”: Steven Brust's Orca [Post] [Steven Brust] [Orca]
Fri Dec 4: “Haughty dragon yearns to slay”: Steven Brust's Dragon [Post] [Steven Brust] [Dragon]
Tue Dec 8: “Issola strikes from courtly bow”: Steven Brust's Issola [Post] [Steven Brust] [Issola]
Wed Dec 9: What has gone before? [Post]
Mon Dec 14: “The time about which I have the honor to write”: Steven Brust's The Viscount of Adrilankha [Post] [Steven Brust] [The Viscount of Adrilankha]
Tue Dec 15: Foolproof Holiday Gift Books [Post]
Tue Dec 15: “Dzur stalks and blends with night”: Steven Brust's Dzur [Post] [Steven Brust] [Dzur]
Thu Dec 17: “Jhegaala shifts as moments pass”: Steven Brust's Jhegaala [Post] [Steven Brust] [Jhegaala]
Fri Dec 18: “Quiet iorich won't forget”: Steven Brust's Iorich [Post] [Steven Brust] [Iorich]
Mon Dec 21: Magical Realist Mars: Ian McDonald's Desolation Road [Post] [Ian McDonald] [Desolation Road]
Wed Dec 23: What books do you buy to give to other people? [Post]
Sat Dec 26: Quakers in Space: Molly Gloss's The Dazzle of Day [Post] [Molly Gloss] [The Dazzle of Day]
Mon Dec 28: “Tonight will be bad, and tomorrow will be beyond all imagining”: Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising [Post] [Susan Cooper] [The Dark is Rising]
Tue Dec 29: Sensible grown-ups and the battle of Waterloo: Georgette Heyer's A Civil Contract [Post] [Georgette Heyer] [A Civil Contract]
Wed Dec 30: There is now... [Post]
Thu Dec 31: Imprisoned Intelligence: Thomas M. Disch's Camp Concentration [Post] [Thomas M. Disch] [Camp Concentration]

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