January, 2011

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Sun Jan 2: Hugo Nominees: 1964 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Mon Jan 3: Shaken down so well: Patrick O'Brian's The Thirteen Gun Salute [Post] [Patrick O'Brian] [The Thirteen Gun Salute] [Aubrey-Maturin reread]
Wed Jan 5: Plays and Plato: Mary Renault's The Mask of Apollo [Post] [Mary Renault] [The Mask of Apoll]
Fri Jan 7: Aliens, vengeance, complications: C.J. Cherryh's Serpent's Reach [Post] [C.J. Cherryh] [Serpent's Reach]
Sun Jan 9: Hugo Nominees: 1965 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Mon Jan 10: From the mizentop: Patrick O'Brian's The Nutmeg of Consolation [Post] [Patrick O'Brian] [The Nutmeg of Consolation] [Aubrey-Maturin reread]
Tue Jan 11: So High, So Low, So Many Things to Know: Vernor Vinge's A Deepness in the Sky [Post] [Vernor Vinge] [A Deepness in the Sky]
Wed Jan 12: In league with the future: Frank Herbert's Dune [Post] [Frank Herbert] [Dune]
Thu Jan 13: 500 posts by me right here on Tor.com [Post]
Fri Jan 14: Wisecracking, aliens, and hot places: Roger Zelazny's This Immortal (“And Call Me Conrad”) [Post] [Roger Zelazny] [This Immortal]
Sun Jan 16: Hugo Nominees: 1966 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Mon Jan 17: She is under your protection: Patrick O'Brian's Clarissa Oakes (AKA: The Truelove) [Post] [Patrick O'Brian] [Clarissa Oakes] [Aubrey-Maturin reread]
Tue Jan 18: Among Others (Excerpt) [Post] [Jo Walton] [Among Others] [Excerpts]
Wed Jan 19: Philip K. Dick Award Nominees, 2011 [Post]
Fri Jan 21: Religious Science Fiction [Post]
Sun Jan 23: Hugo Nominees: 1967 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Mon Jan 24: I still have hopes: Patrick O'Brian's The Wine Dark Sea [Post] [Patrick O'Brian] [The Wine Dark Sea] [Aubrey-Maturin reread]
Wed Jan 26: Don't mess with magic: Barbara Hambly's The Ladies of Mandrigyn [Post] [Barbara Hambly] [The Ladies of Mandrigyn]
Sun Jan 30: Hugo Nominees: 1968 [Post] [Revisiting the Hugos]
Mon Jan 31: The chief argosy of your command: Patrick O'Brian's The Commodore [Post] [Patrick O'Brian] [The Commodore] [Aubrey-Maturin reread]

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