July, 2009

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Wed Jul 1: Blue collar magic: Sean Stewart's Mockingbird [Post] [Sean Stewart] [Mockingbird]
Thu Jul 2: The future of the Third World: Geoff Ryman's Air [Post] [Geoff Ryman] [Air]
Mon Jul 6: Dying Inside Robert Silverberg [Post] [Robert Silverberg]
Tue Jul 7: Bad, but good: David Feintuch's Midshipman's Hope [Post] [David Feintuch] [Midshipman's Hope]
Thu Jul 9: “The servants of what we have to do”: Daniel Abraham's A Shadow in Summer [Post] [Daniel Abraham] [A Shadow in Summer]
Mon Jul 13: More betrayals in winter than I could shake a stick at: Daniel Abraham's A Betrayal in Winter [Post] [Daniel Abraham] [A Betrayal in Winter]
Wed Jul 15: Helen Wright's A Matter of Oaths available for free download [Post] [Helen S. Wright] [A Matter of Oaths]
Thu Jul 16: Ambiguity in Fantasy [Post]
Thu Jul 16: Not sure he's wrong: Daniel Abraham's An Autumn War [Post] [Daniel Abraham] [An Autumn War]
Mon Jul 20: On July 20th, 1969... by Jo Walton [Post]
Wed Jul 22: What do you hope for in a book? [Post]
Fri Jul 24: Alien stars: John Brunner's The Crucible of Time [Post] [John Brunner] [The Crucible of Time]
Mon Jul 27: Fantasy and the Numinous [Post]
Mon Jul 27: Silent, upon a peak, in Darien: Daniel Abraham's The Price of Spring [Post] [Daniel Abraham] [The Price of Spring]
Wed Jul 29: History, language, identity, gender: Elisabeth Vonarburg's The Maerlande Chronicles [Post] [Elisabeth Vonarburg] [The Maerlande Chronicles]
Thu Jul 30: Subtly twisted history: John M. Ford's The Dragon Waiting [Post] [John M. Ford] [The Dragon Waiting]
Fri Jul 31: What is historical fantasy? [Post]

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