May, 2012

DatePost TitleAuthorWorkSeries
Thu May 3: Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man's Fear, Part 28: I Hate Not Understanding a Thing [Post] [Patrick Rothfuss] [The Wise Man's Fear] [Rothfuss Reread]
Thu May 10: Rothfuss Reread: Speculative Summary 10: The Road To Newarre [Post] [Patrick Rothfuss] [Rothfuss Reread]
Fri May 11: What is living for? Poul Anderson's The Corridors of Time [Post] [Poul Anderson] [The Corridors of Time]
Thu May 17: Rothfuss Reread: Pat Answers the Admissions Questions [Post] [Patrick Rothfuss] [Rothfuss Reread]
Mon May 21: Among Others (Excerpt) [Post] [Jo Walton] [Among Others] [Excerpts]
Tue May 22: All Aliens: Alison Sinclair's Legacies [Post] [Alison Sinclair] [Legacies]
Thu May 31: A Good Life: Samuel R. Delany's Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders [Post] [Samuel R. Delany] [Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders]

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