November, 2009

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Mon Nov 2: Mosaics and charioteers: Guy Gavriel Kay's Sarantine Mosaic [Post] [Guy Gavriel Kay] [Sarantine Mosaic]
Tue Nov 3: So good your head explodes every time: Ted Chiang's Stories of Your Life and Others [Post] [Ted Chiang] [Stories of Your Life and Others]
Wed Nov 4: Like a red-figure vase: Steven Brust's Agyar [Post] [Steven Brust] [Agyar]
Thu Nov 5: Sketching on the way to battle: Caroline Stevermer's When the King Comes Home [Post] [Caroline Stevermer] [When the King Comes Home]
Fri Nov 6: Competence is really attractive: H. Beam Piper's Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen [Post] [H. Beam Piper] [Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen]
Mon Nov 9: Fantasy disguised as science fiction disguised as fantasy: Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light [Post] [Roger Zelazny] [Lord of Light]
Wed Nov 11: Twists of the Godgame: John Fowles's The Magus [Post] [John Fowles] [The Magus]
Thu Nov 12: Like swords, but awesomer: Made up words in science fiction and fantasy [Post]
Fri Nov 13: A charming history of Science Fiction and Fandom: Frederik Pohl's The Way the Future Was [Post] [Frederik Pohl] [The Way the Future Was]
Sun Nov 15: What is it with coffee? [Post]
Mon Nov 16: Playing the angles on a world: Steven Brust's Dragaera [Post] [Steven Brust] [Dragaera]
Tue Nov 17: “Jhereg feeds on others' kills”: Steven Brust's Jhereg [Post] [Steven Brust] [Jhereg]
Thu Nov 19: Noodles, self-help groups and airplane parts: things to avoid when making up fantasy names [Post]
Sat Nov 21: Yendi coils and strikes unseen: Steven Brust's Yendi [Post] [Steven Brust] [Yendi]
Mon Nov 23: A coachman's tale: Steven Brust's Brokedown Palace [Post] [Steven Brust] [Brokedown Palace]
Mon Nov 23: Barbara Hambly sequel stories to download for $5 [Post] [Barbara Hambly]
Tue Nov 24: “Frightened teckla hides in grass”: Steven Brust's Teckla [Post] [Steven Brust] [Teckla]
Wed Nov 25: “How can you tell?”: Steven Brust's Taltos [Post] [Steven Brust] [Taltos]
Thu Nov 26: “Phoenix rise from ashes grey”: Steven Brust's Phoenix [Post] [Steven Brust] [Phoenix]
Fri Nov 27: I have been asking for nothing else for an hour: Steven Brust's The Phoenix Guards [Post] [Steven Brust] [The Phoenix Guards]
Mon Nov 30: “Athyra rules minds' interplay”: Steven Brust's Athyra [Post] [Steven Brust] [Athyra]
Mon Nov 30: Robert Holdstock 1948-2009 [Post] [Robert Holdstock]

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