April 1990

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Editor(s):  Cecil Nurse
Price:      75p
Pages:      12, A4
Cover:      Cecil Nurse
Notes:      #20

                                        Cecil Nurse

    Exercomp                            Judith M. Johnstone
    Exercomp                            E. Miriam Kamp
    Exercomp                            S. O. McDonald
    Exercomp                            John Welsh

    A Room with a Desk                  David Wingrove
    Why I Write                         Sue Thomason
    Ask A Writer                        Michael Scott Rohan
    Nuts + Bolts: Revision              Cecil Nurse
    Notes from a Blue Pencil            Dave W. Hughes
    The Next Exercomp                   Cecil Nurse
    The Fate of the Workshop            Cecil Nurse
    Stuff                               Cecil Nurse

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