August 1990

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Editor(s):  Cecil Nurse
Price:      75p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Cecil Nurse
Notes:      #21

    Exercomp                            Leigh Barlow
    Exercomp                            Daniel Buck
    Exercomp                            Ian Layden
    Exercomp                            Peter Lancaster
    The Man Who Knew A Thing Or Two 
          About Aliens (drabble)        Cecil Nurse
    The Robots of Environment (drabble) David Langford

    Stuff                               Cecil Nurse
    A Room with a Desk                  Colin Greenland
    Ms Prep                             David S. Garnett
    Full Face                           Keith Brooke
    The Page                            Margaret Atwood
    Why I Write                         Alison Mitchell
    Why I Write                         Pete Darby
    Why I Write                         Peter Tennant
    The Word is: Mood                   Alan Garside
    Nuts + Bolts: Characterisation      Cecil Nurse
    Notes from a Blue Pencil            Trevor Jones

    Investigations                      Alexander Popov
        by Anonymous

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