December/January 1994

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Editor(s):  Julie Venner and Carol Ann Green
Price:      ?p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Steve Jeffery
Notes:      #27

    Through a telephoto lens, lightly ..
          .                             Julie Venner and
                                        Carol Ann Green

    Dragon in the Flower                Neal Asher
    More Than Just a Non-Stick Frying 
          Pan: A Dialogue               John Madracki
    Maze (drabble)                      Tanya Brown
    Moondust Memories (drabble)         Laurence Day
    Bad Deal (drabble)                  Alan Kitch
    Mantis (drabble)                    David Piper
    A Few Good Reasons (drabble)        Andrew J. Fielding
    The Final Course (drabble)          Brian Maycock

    Expatriation                        Nicola Griffith
    'Quotes from Anon'                  John Madracki
    Forum: The effect of political & etc
          . influences on sf writers    Gwyneth Jones
    Forum: You know, you might as well 
          give up now                   Andrew M. Butler
    Forum: Politics, Culture, 
          Autobiography - What 
          Responsibilities have We?     Justina Robson
    Forum: Thinking Out of the Box      Stephen Baxter
    Forum: Do SF Writers have any 
          responsibility at All?        David Piper
    Forum: Show and Tell                Nicholas Royle
    Matching Slang                      John Madracki
    Research                            Helen Claire Gould
    Writing from a Sample Space of One  Sandy Fleming
    Market Information                  uncredited

    Stepping Stones                     Sandy Fleming

    Dr Greenland's Prescription         Colin Greenland

                                        Justina Robson
                                        Sandy Fleming
                                        Andrew J. Fielding
                                        Andrew M. Butler
                                        John Madracki

                                        John Light
                                        Steve Jeffery
                                        Julie Venner
                                        Mark Brandon
                                        The Rev. Theola Belluse Devin
                                        Ian Bell
                                        John Madracki
                                        Carolyn Horn

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