August/September 1995

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Editor(s):  Julie Venner and Carol Ann Green
Price:      ?p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Howard Watts
Notes:      #28, undated but distributed with August/September Matrix

    Through a telephoto lens, lightly ..
          .                             Julie Venner and
                                        Carol Ann Green

    Needs Want as Needs Must            David Murphy
    Think With the Wise, But Talk with 
          the Vulgar                    Howard Watts
    The Creature in the Swamp (drabble) Rik Gammack
    Evolution (drabble)                 David Piper
    Deja Vu (drabble)                   Andrew J. Fielding
    Crusade (drabble)                   Peter Irving
    The Sword of Rama (drabble)         David Piper

    Forum: Research                     Steve Jeffery
    Forum: Research: Some Suggestions   Cherith Baldry
    Forum: On Research                  Leigh Kennedy
    Forum: A Little About a Lot         Keith Brooke
    Forum: Research and the SF Writer   Carol Severance
    Forum: The Tough Work of Research   Stephen Baxter
    Forum: Getting It Right             K. V. Bailey
    At least you know when you're 
          deranged, demented, 
          certifiable, neurotic, crazy, 
          mad, crackers, bonkers, batty,
          nutty ...                     Roy Gray

    Dr Greenland's Prescription         Colin Greenland

                                        John Brunner
                                        Justina Robson
                                        John Madracki
                                        Howard Watts
                                        Michael Jelley
                                        Andrew J. Fielding
                                        Andy Mills
                                        Cherith Baldry

    Machinehead and the Vehicle Haven   Vincent M. De Souza
    Brief Encounter                     Brian Maycock
    A Paedophile Loose on the 
          Communication Highway         Vincent M. De Souza
    The Experiment Debate               Vincent M. De Souza

                                        Steve Jeffery
                                        Julie Venner
                                        The Rev. Theola Belluse Devin
                                        Ian Bell
                                        Gillian Rooke
                                        Dover Publications
                                        Carolyn Horn

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