December 1978

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Editor(s):  John Harvey and Eve Harvey
Pages:      40, A4
Cover:      Jim Barker
Notes:      #21

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing ..
          .                             John Harvey

    Why I'm a Fan?                      Paul Kincaid
    The BSFA File                       Tom A. Jones
    News                                Newshounds of the BSFA
    Decadence in Birmingham             David Langford
    Masochist's Waltz                   Steev Higgins

    Focus on Fanzines                   Alan Dorey
    Focus on Fanzines                   Roger Waddington
    Focus on Fanzines: Reality Plus     Steven J. Green
    What Are They Doing Now?            Paul Fraser
    Round the Clubs (FOKT)              Bill Little

                                        Sandy Brown
    Reply to Sandy Brown                Ian Garbutt
                                        William Bains
                                        Greg Hills
                                        Dave Cobbledick
                                        Philip Muldowney
                                        Phil Rosenblum
                                        Alex S. Pillai
                                        Jonathan Coleclough
                                        Terry Jeeves
                                        Gwynfor Jones
                                        Steev Higgins

                                        Jim Barker
                                        Terry Jeeves
                                        Jeff Schalles
                                        Paul Thompson

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