February 1979

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Editor(s):  John Harvey and Eve Harvey
Pages:      38, A4
Cover:      Rob Hansen
Notes:      #22

                                        John Harvey

    News for High Octane Water-Lilies   Christopher Priest
    BSFA File                           Tom A. Jones
    Tangent                             Tom A. Jones
    Whoops!                             uncredited
    Snippets                            uncredited
    Media News                          uncredited
    Magazines                           uncredited
    Events                              uncredited
    Forthcoming Books                   uncredited
    Hugo Suggestions                    David Pringle
    The Beat Goes On                    Joseph Nicholas
    Recent Fanzines                     uncredited
    Round The Clubs (Reading SF Group)  David Langford
    Round the Clubs (Fassett Road, 
          Kingston SF Circle)           Kev Smith

                                        Tom Jones
                                        Andy Hobbs
                                        Greg Hills
                                        Phil Wain
                                        Dave Cobbledick
                                        James England
                                        Joseph Nicholas
                                        David Watkins
                                        David Wingrove
                                        Jim Barker
                                        Graham Ashley
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Keith Freeman
                                        Allan Lloyd

    Competition                         uncredited
    BSFA 1977 Report & Accounts         K. J. Smith

                                        Carol Gregory

Comic Strip
    The Captive                         Jim Barker

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