December/January 1985

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Editor(s):  Dave Hodson
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Paul Ward
Notes:      #62

                                        Dave Hodson

    Book and Other News                 Dave Hodson
    GoH Speech from Novacon 15          James White
    James White Bibliography            Rog Peyton
    The Comic Review: News              Dave Hodson
    Unconventional! Beccon 85           Maureen Porter
    Novacon Fifteen                     Dave Hodson
    SF: The 100 Best Novels, at the ICA Dave Hodson
    Review of Shock Xpress 1 & 2        Dave Hodson
    Review of Gothique 20th Anniversary 
          Issue                         Dave Hodson
    Competition Corner                  Elizabeth Sourbut
    Billion Year Crossword No. 4        Simon Walker and
                                        Chris Carne

Film & Media Reviews
    Phenomena by Phenomena (LP)         Kevin McVeigh
    Ladyhawke                           uncredited

    Inky Fingers                        John Harvey

                                        Hussain Mohamed
                                        Ken Lake

Comic Strip
    Timothy                             Paul Ward

                                        Paul Ward
                                        Alex Prentice
                                        Dave Baldock

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