April/May 1986

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Editor(s):  John Harvey
Pages:      21, A4

Notes:      #63

    BSFA Awards                         uncredited
    Judy-Lynn del Rey, Frank Herbert, 
          Robert P. Mills Dead          uncredited

                                        John Harvey

    Book and Other News                 Dave Hodson
    Where Reality and Lost Dreams Meet  Paul Kincaid
    GUFF                                Eve Harvey
    Confan: Convention News             uncredited
    Mexicon 2: The Sequel               Martin Hewitson

Film & Media Reviews
    The Ray Bradbury Theatre: The 
          Playground (TV)               Terry Broome
    Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (TV)   Terry Broome
    The Bernt Arse Pack at the Royl 
          Xchayngis (theatre)           Roy Gray
    Timeslip (TV)                       Roy Gray

    The Comic Review: News              Dave Hodson
    Comment: The BSFA Awards            Nicholas Mahoney
    Competition Corner                  Elizabeth Sourbut
    Billion Year Crossword No. 5        Simon Walker

                                        David Boyce
                                        Iain Anderson
                                        Kev McVeigh
                                        Jon Ryan
                                        Nicholas Mahoney
                                        Terry Broome
    Reply to Terry Broome               John Harvey

                                        Arthur Thompson

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