September/October 2006

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Editor(s):  Tony Cullen and Geneva Melzack and Niall Harrison and Paul Billinger
Price:      £2.50
Pages:      36, A4
Cover:      Tony Cullen
Notes:      #249, Roles: Production & General, Features, Editorial & Letters, Reviews

    Torque Control                      Geneva Melzack and
                                        Niall Harrison

    Framing the Unframeable             Gary K. Wolfe
    Journey into Space                  Steve Cockayne
    The Modern Storytellers: In Search 
          of Interactive Fiction        Jon Ingold
    Good Cop/Bad Cop: A Review of Life 
          On Mars                       Alison Page

    Writing Without a Filter            Elizabeth Hand
        by Graham Sleight

    Archipelago: Founded on the 
          shambles                      Paul Kincaid
    The New X: Storying Genres          Graham Sleight

Book Reviews by James Bacon
    Buddha: Kapilavastu (Volume 1)      Osamu Tezuka
    Buddha: The Four Encounters (Volume 
          2)                            Osamu Tezuka

Book Reviews by Paul Bateman
    Keeping It Real                     Justina Robson

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    Star Risk                           Chris Bunch
    Star Risk: The Scoundrel of Worlds  Chris Bunch

Book Reviews by R. J. Burgess
    Paragaea: A Planetary Romance       Chris Roberson

Book Reviews by Gary S. Dalkin
    The Baby Merchant                   Kit Reed
    Rainbow's End                       Vernor Vinge

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
    The Waking                          T. M. Jenkins

Book Reviews by Hall, Lesley A.
    James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life 
          of Alice Sheldon              Julie Phillips

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    Desperate Moon: Three Collections   R. Andrew Heidel

Book Reviews by Ben Jeapes
    Streetcar Dreams                    Richard Bowes
    Jack of Ravens                      Mark Chadbourn

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
    The Ghost Brigades                  John Scalzi

Book Reviews by Tony Keen
    Orizon, the Flame of the White Sun  Mario Routi

Book Reviews by Vikki Lee
    Across the Face of the World        Russell Kirkpatrick

Book Reviews by Martin McGrath
    Fine Cuts                           Dennis Etchison
    Working for the Devil               Lilith Saintcrow

Book Reviews by Kevin McVeigh
    Science Fiction Century Volume One 
          (Ed)                          David G. Hartwell

Book Reviews by Colin Odell and Mitch Le Blanc
    Bareback                            Kit Whitfield

Book Reviews by Paul Raven
    Horizons                            Mary Rosenblum

Book Reviews by Dave M. Roberts
    Dying Words                         Shaun Hutson

Book Reviews by Estelle Roberts
    New Dreams for Old                  Mike Resnick

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
    Infoquake                           David Louis Edelman

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    Widdershins                         Charles de Lint

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