Summer 1958

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Editor(s):  E. C. Tubb
Price:      ?p
Pages:      42, quarto

Notes:      #1

                                        E. C. Tubb

    Handbook for Beginners              E. C. Tubb
    No Need for Cramp                   D. Buckmaster
    This Question of Characterisation   L. Sandfield
    The American Magazines (Galaxy June,
          July 1958; Astounding April, 
          May 1958; Venture March 1958) Terry Jeeves
    The British Magazines (New Worlds 70
          , 71, 72; Nebula 28, 29, 30; 
          Science Fantasy 28, 29)       Roberta Wild

    News and Views                      E. C. Tubb

Film & Media Reviews
    Blazing a Trail to the Stars        J. Ratigan

                                        Terry Jeeves

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