Winter 1958

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Editor(s):  Terry Jeeves
Price:      ?p
Pages:      40, quarto
Cover:      Jim Cawthorne
Notes:      #3

    Are You Dead?                       Terry Jeeves

    Point of View                       K. T. McIntyre
    The Knife                           A. R. Weir
    Knife                               E. C. Tubb

    Gerfandom                           Rainer Eisfeld
    The American Magazines (Galaxy 
          February 1959; Astounding ? 
          1958)                         Terry Jeeves
    The British Magazines (New Worlds 77
          , 78; Nebula 35, 36; Science 
          Fantasy 32)                   Roberta Wild
    Bow Bells                           H. Ken Bulmer
    Psionics: A Brief Report            Eric Jones
    Western Approaches                  Eric Jones
    How Green Was My Notion             Dr. A. R. Weir, DSc

    The Secretarial File 13             Eric Bentcliffe
    General Chuntering                  Ken F. Slater
    Treasurer's Report                  Archie Mercer
    The Glass Bushel (from Hyphen 20)   Bob Shaw

Film & Media Reviews
    It! The Thing from Outer Space; The 
          Curse of the Faceless Man     E. C. Tubb

                                        L. J. Tapper
                                        S. Birchby
                                        Ethel Lindsay
                                        Dr. A. R. Weir, DSc
                                        E. C. Tubb
                                        J. P. Patrizio
                                        M. J. Harrington

Book Reviews by Terry Jeeves
    The Isotope Man                     Charles Eric Maine

Book Reviews by Dr. A. R. Weir, DSc
    Supernatural Stories No. 20         uncredited
    The Quest of the Seeker             J. Elton

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