December 1963

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Editor(s):  Archie Mercer
Price:      ?p
Pages:      20, quarto
Cover:      Eddie Jones
Notes:      #23

                                        Archie Mercer

    March of the Mutants                Philip Harbottle
    Nova Publications - A Statement     E. J. Carnell
    Fanzine Reviews (Point of View #2, 
          Zenith #2)                    Archie Mercer

    Now What Seems to be the Trouble?   "Dr. Peristyle"

    Through Hyperspace and Overtime with
          Bernard Bodfold, Jr #2        C. P. McKenzie
    SF Writers Anonymous                Helstar

                                        Philip Harbottle
                                        Charles Platt
                                        Moira Read
                                        Terry Bull
                                        Tom Walker
                                        Donald Malcolm
                                        C. M. Priest

Book Reviews by Edward C. Sterne
    Stealer of Souls                    Michael Moorcock
    Hell Hath Fury (Ed)                 George Hay

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