September 1963

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Editor(s):  Archie Mercer
Price:      ?p
Pages:      36, quarto
Cover:      Ian Aldridge
Notes:      #21

                                        A. H. Mercer

    Report on Trieste                   Brian W. Aldiss
    Hyper-Space - the Immutable Concept 
          ?                             Philip Harbottle
    One Foot in the Grave               Donald Malcolm

    SF Writers Anonymous                Helstar

Book Reviews by Donald Malcolm
    Best SF 5 (Ed)                      Edmund Crispin

Book Reviews by E. W. Ball
    Sword Above the Night               John Lymington

Book Reviews by Jim Groves
    Greener Than You Think              Ward Moore

Book Reviews by Ian R. McAulay
    The Airs of Earth                   Brian W. Aldiss

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