March 1964

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Editor(s):  Archie Mercer
Price:      ?p
Pages:      40, quarto
Cover:      Eddie Jones
Notes:      #25

                                        Archie Mercer

    The Author's Lot - #3               Eric Frank Russell
    Why Heinlein's _Glory Road_ is a Bad
          , Bad Book                    Harry Harrison
    Yefremov's _Andromeda_              Jean Graman

    Now What Seems to be the Trouble?   "Dr. Peristyle"

    Through Hyperspace and Overtime with
          Bernard Bodfold, Jr #3        C. P. McKenzie
    An Era Ends                         E. C. Tubb

                                        J. Kemp
                                        Philip Harbottle
                                        Keith Otter
                                        Peter White
                                        Vic Hallett
                                        A. G. Myers
                                        Jean Graman
                                        Don R. Smith
                                        Ian McAulay
                                        Charles Platt
                                        Mary Reed
                                        Harry Nadler
                                        Graham M. Hall
                                        Richard Gordon
                                        Roderick J. Milner
                                        Moira Read
                                        Ivor S. Latto

Film & Media Reviews
    The Visual Side of Things           Vic Hallett

Book Reviews by Donald Malcolm
    The Dark Light Years                Brian W. Aldiss

Book Reviews by Sheila R. Pinnington
    The Man Who Owned the World         Charles Eric Maine

Book Reviews by Ian R. McAulay
    Transit                             Edmund Cooper

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