February 1968

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Editor(s):  Tony Sudbery and Vic Hallett
Price:      ?p
Pages:      36, quarto
Cover:      Bob Rickard
Notes:      #48

    Room for Some Views                 Tony Sudbery
    Bits                                Vic Hallett

    The Publisher's Lot                 Anthony Cheetham
    Question: Automation - A Utopia     Stephen Young
    The Automation Revolution           Audrey Walton
    NFT SF Forum                        Michael Kenward

    The Harrison Letter                 Harry Harrison
    For Your Information                Mike Ashley
    News Spot                           Brian Hill

                                        Bob Parkinson
                                        Peter Roberts
                                        Tom Jones
                                        Mary Reed
                                        Chas Legg
                                        Archie Mercer
                                        Kenneth McIntyre
                                        Gregory Pickersgill
                                        Martin J. Pitt
                                        Bob Charlesworth
                                        Gerald Bishop
                                        Phil Muldowney

Book Reviews by M. J. Freeman
    The Coming of the Space Age         Arthur C. Clarke

Book Reviews by Beryl Mercer
    The New Minds                       Dan Morgan

Book Reviews by Colin Denbigh
    One                                 David Karp
    Sinister Barrier                    Eric Frank Russell

Book Reviews by Roy Mortimore
    Best Science Fiction Stories of 
          Clifford Simak                Clifford D. Simak

Book Reviews by Graham Charnock
    Mister Da V and Other Stories       Kit Reed

Book Reviews by Vic Hallett and Tony Sudbery
    Beyond This Horizon                 Robert A. Heinlein

Book Reviews by Vic Hallett
    The Saliva Tree and Other Strange 
          Growths                       Brian W. Aldiss
    The Sirens of Titan                 Kurt Vonnegut
    Best from New Worlds No. 2 (Ed)     Michael Moorcock
    The Syndic                          C. M. Kornbluth
    Sleeping Planet                     William Burkitt, Jr
    The Circus of Dr. Lao               Charles Finney
    The Watch Below                     James White

Book Reviews by Tony Sudbery
    Seven Come Infinity (Ed)            Groff Conklin
    A Century of Great Science Fiction 
          Short Novels (Ed)             Damon Knight

Book Reviews by Charles Partington
    War with the Robots                 Harry Harrison

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