May 1971

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Editor(s):  Bob Parkinson
Price:      ?p
Pages:      24, quarto
Cover:      ?
Notes:      #57

    Vectored                            Bob Parkinson

    Darkness: Cold and Love             John-Henri Holmberg
    SF in the Classroom                 John Crompton

Book Reviews by Bob Parkinson
    Ada                                 Vladimir Nabokov

Book Reviews by Roy Mortimore
    The Jagged Orbit                    John Brunner

Book Reviews by Brian A. Rolls
    A Private Cosmos                    Philip Jose Farmer
    Vornan-19                           Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
    The Heaven Makers                   Frank Herbert

Book Reviews by Mark Adlard
    Echo Round His Bones                Thomas M. Disch
    To Open the Sky                     Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by David H. Wood
    The City Dwellers                   Charles Platt

Book Reviews by Kevin O'Malley
    The Shores of Death                 Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Roger Waddington
    Night Walk                          Bob Shaw

Book Reviews by Michael Kenward
    Seven Steps to the Sun              Fred Hoyle and
                                        Geoffrey Hoyle

Book Reviews by Vic Hallett
    Best Science Fiction Stories from 
          New Worlds 6 (Ed)             Michael Moorcock

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