July/August 1973

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Editor(s):  Malcolm Edwards
Price:      30p
Pages:      44, A5 A5
Cover:      uncredited
Notes:      #66

    Lead-In                             Malcolm Edwards

    The Robot in Science Fiction: deus 
          ex machina: Science Fiction 
          and Technology - Part One     Brian M. Stableford
    D. G. Compton and New Standards of 
          Excellence                    Mark Adlard

    BSFA Notice Board No. 1             Archie Mercer
    The Fannish Inquisition (Kangaroo 
          Feathers 1; Kratophany 3; Les 
          Spinge 28; Riverside Quarterly
          20; Starling 24)              Peter Roberts

                                        D. G. Compton
        by Daniel Say

Film & Media Reviews
    Soylent Green                       Chris Fowler

Book Reviews by Cy Chauvin
    The Day the Sun Stood Still (Ed)    Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Malcolm Edwards
    A Werewolf Among Us                 Dean R. Koontz
    Rendezvous with Rama                Arthur C. Clarke
    Valley Beyond Time                  Robert Silverberg
    Flying Saucers Through the Ages     Paul Thomas
    The Flying Saucer Story             Brinsley Le Poer Trench
    Flying Saucers From Outer Space     Donald E. Keyhoe
    The Warminster Mystery              Arthur Shuttlewood

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